Sunday, 8 July 2018

Beauty | Tangle Teezer

Hi, my name's Sophie and I'm a Tangle Teezer convert! I got my first Tangle Teezer around 5/6 years ago and since then I haven't used a traditional hairbrush and I just can't even imagine using one again! I've been saving up my Boots points for awhile and I wasn't really sure what for but I decided my first Tangle Teezer had seen better days so I should invest in a new one, but oh not just one, I got two and here they are!

The Ultimate Finishing Brush £15 LINK
Original Tangle Teezer £10 LINK

If you're new to Tangle Teezers here's the 411, they have a few different products which include; detangling brushes, blow-drying brushes, styling hairbrushes and special Tangle Teezers for thick and curly hair. The Teezers use an 'innovative two-tiered teeth system technology, it detangles with minimum fuss, breakage and damage, leaving hair smooth, soft and shiny'. They come in a huge array of colours and designs including a Disney collection and you can even customise your own Tangle Teezer for £20 by uploading any photo onto their website HERE.

The teeth do look rather spiky but they're soft on the tips making them easy to glide through your hair.

This is Tangle Teezers first brush with a handle and I definitely appreciate the addtition! It definitely makes it a lot easier for brushing dry hair and doing hairstyle like pony tails, adding volume by back-combing and I also don't accidentally fling it into the air!

I am still a fan of the original design and decided to get this one to keep in the bathroom and use on wet hair. It's made such a big different to the quality of my hair when it comes to drying it that it has already been brushed whilst wet. I also absolutely love this colour combo, it's so pretty!

Tangle Teezer also do a compact travel sized brush which has it's own case which is definitely the next one on my wishlist once my boots points have added up again!

Let me know if you're a fan of the Tangle Teezer and what brush and colour you have!


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