Sunday, 21 June 2015


Here's a post I haven't done in forever! Empties.... so here's the things that I've been loving or maybe not liking too much so wanted to quickly use them up to get rid of them..... ooooo the suspense is killing me too... Enjoy!

The Body Shop don't sell me any more but here's other things with my scent - DIRECT LINK

It was a sad moment when I finished my beautiful Early-Harvest Raspberry shower gel from The Body Shop because for some unG-dly reason they only make this magical liquid when they have sales so it's almost impossible to buy. To make matters worse it was only £2 when I bought it and I went back a week later to buy some more to have back ups and they'd already stopped selling them. Like seriously The Body Shop needs to get rid of the yucky strawberry scent and put this delicious beauty in the spot light. Rant Over... for now

Herbal Essences - £3.99 - DIRECT LINK

Next up I finished my Herbal Essences Bee Strong shampoo and I was pretty damn happy too as I no longer have to have Nicole Scherzing watch me wash ... kinda creepy. I have re-purchased this but the normal packaging! Also anyone else finish shampoo super fast and conditioner like once a year?

MUA Pro - Brow Kit - £3.50 - DIRECT LINK

My very trusty MUA Proffessional Eyebrow Kit has finally gone to eyebrow heaven after a year of being it's loyal friend. I very sadly haven't chucked it out yet as this is the first product that I've got to the pan and it's rather satisfying to see! As you can see I used the top left religiously, and let the other two shades and wax just sit there unloved. With my new packet I've decided to use the wax before I apply the top left shade and sometimes use the bottom left as a highlighter just to show this incredible kit some more luvviinn.

Just a few bits have been finished recently, hope you enjoyed this post!



  1. The brow palette looks awesome, I didn't know it existed! xx

  2. Great post! I find that i finish conditioner quicker than i finish shampoo cos i love to really condition my hair! That brow palette looks really nice too :)

    Courtney |


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