Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Lifestyle | XMAS | How to add sprinkles to the rim of your mug/cup/glass

Following my Christmas hot chocolate post I thought I'd do a short but sweet 'how to' add sprinkles to the rim of your cup as I got quite a few DMs asking how to do this for the Unicorn hot chocolate! You can check out the hot chocolate post HERE.

Other than your cup of choice you'll need two bowls, one needs to have your 'glue' this obviously needs to be something edible and the other your decorations. I decided to use honey but you could use melted chocolate, maple syrup or agave nectar. For the decoration use something small and light, 100 and 1000 are perfect!

Dip the cup into the honey and then hold it upside down until the honey stops dripping. For the unicorn hot chocolate I created a few drips so the sprinkles could run down the cup.

Now it's time to dip your cup into the sprinkles, if the entire rim doesn't get covered than you can sprinkle some on with your hands.

Then head over to my hot chocolate post HERE to see how you can turn it into a white hot chocolate Unicorn dream!


Sunday, 10 December 2017

Lifestyle | XMAS | Magical Hot Chocolates ~ Unicorn~Chocolate~Gingerbread~Peppermint

Christmas is definitely the time of year to indulge in all things yummy and festive drinks are my favourite ways to do so! Here are a few magical ways you can spruce up your hot chocolate, which are not only beautiful to look at but also taste delicious!

 Unicorn White Hot Chocolate

For this magical Unicorn creation I edged the rim of the mug with 100 and 1000 sprinkles and had some dripping down the side. The actual hot chocolate is Options white hot chocolate which isn't something I'd go for but if you like really sweet drinks then this is for you and it makes a great choice for the Unicorn theme. After, I topped it with squirty cream, mini pink and white marshmallows, a handful of 100 and 1000 sprinkles and finally two pink panther wafers.

Chocolate Heaven Hot Chocolate

For the following hot chocolates I used a supermarket own hot chocolate powder and used a festive mug from Sainsbury's. I topped this one with squirty cream, chocolate buttons and Maryland cookie bites and finally dusted the top with cocoa powder, a chocolate lovers dream!!

Gingerbread Men Hot Chocolate

This one is a lovely Xmas treat and it means you get a snack and drink! I poked Mcvitie's mini Gingerbread men into the squirty cream and then sprinkled cocoa powder on the top. It's so quick and easy and looks so cute!

Dreaming of a White Christmas

A traditional Christmas hot chocolate with squirty cream, large fluffy marshmallows, mini marshmallows and a little peppermint candy cane, delicious! 

I hope you got some ideas for festive hot chocolates to make, tag me on Instagram in pictures of your hot chocolates @greatestformofflatteryblog !


Thursday, 7 December 2017

Lifestyle | XMAS | Gift Guide - Top 12 things to buy the person who has everything?

There's always that one person on your list that is crazy hard to buy for, they just seem to have everything! So I had a big think for you and researched some gifts to get them, to save you the stress and hassle. 

1LINK £20 | 2 \ LINK £8 | 3 \ LINK £17 | 4 \ LINK £10 | 5 \ LINK £9.99 | 6 \ LINK  £20.21 | 7 \ LINK £5.99p/m | 8 \ LINK £10p/m | 9LINK £48.70 | 10 \ LINK £16.99 | 11 \ LINK £14 | 12 \ LINK £64.99 

So, the first ideas are for the home, the candle (1) , print (11) , personalised marble cheeseboard (12), frame (3) and mug (4) are all lovely editions for their house and useful items too! Then I was thinking of fun and quirky gadgets also for the home. The Avocado cutter (2) is so easy to use and makes getting an avocado ready to eat quick and mess free. Next up, we have the key finder (10) , the most useful gadget you could have and this one works for 4 sets of keys! A colouring book (5) and a nice set of pens (6) is a lovely gift for someone you thought ought to unwind. Food is always a good shout and going for something a little more luxurious like macaroons (9) is sure to put a smile on their face! Finally if you're really stuck for an idea how about a gift that keeps on giving and getting them a subscription to Netflix (7) or a Birchbox (8).

I hope this gave you a few ideas for those who are difficult to buy for!


Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Lifestyle | XMAS | Gift Guide - Top 12 things to buy the blogger in your life?

This year for a Xmas Gift  post I decided to make a wishlist of ideas filled with what to buy the blogger in your life! I hope you find this useful or can casually send a link to this post to the present buyer in your life!

LINK \ £6.50 | LINK \ £39.50 | LINK \ £10.49 |  LINK \ £7.99 | LINK \ £19.99 | LINK \ £5.99 | LINK \  £10 | LINK \ £23.99 | LINK \ £12.50 | 10 LINK \ £208.99 | 11 LINK \ £9.99 | 12 LINK \ £12.00

My main thought process for this wishlist is thinking about bits and bobs which are aesthetically pleasing and can be used in blog photographs and enjoyed in day to day life. The marble sticky back film (1) can easily be stuck over a large cardboard board and become a background for pictures. The light box (12)  is A6 so the perfect size for flat-lays and super cute to pop on a shelf. The personalised coaster (7) and Xmas hanging ornament (6) make lovely ornaments for pictures and who doesn't love personalised gifts?! The beautiful rose gold mirror (5), Cactus ring holder (9) and the Yankee candle (8) all make your room Instagram-amble and pretty and they can also double as photo props! Then we come to the pink tone nude Essie nail varnish (4) for when your hands may feature in pictures. The headphones (10) and the pop socket (11) make keeping up with your socials and blogging etc a lot easier. Now we are at the last two, the penultimate being this beautiful palette (2) which will have your make-up looks covered for the rest of the season and the final is 'The Million Dollar Blog' book which is sure to help you grow and improve your blog.

I hope you enjoyed this post and have some ideas of what to buy the blogger in your life, or if you are the blogger you may now have some more bits added to your wishlist!


Monday, 4 December 2017

Lifestyle | XMAS | The Top 7 Food Theme Xmas Tree Decorations

I am definitely more of a chuck everything you can find on your Christmas tree and hope for the best! I just get over excited about all of the decorations and I don't want to limit myself to a theme. However, I know that it's definitely the norm to have a colour or subject theme for your decorations and if I had more than one tree to decorate or a house then I'd definitely theme each room! So with themes in mind, I think it would be really fun to have a small quirky tree in addition to a big traditional one and what better theme than food?!

1 LINK | 2 LINK | 3 LINK | 4 LINK | 5 LINK | 6 LINK | 7 LINK |

These are all from Paperchase where they have 3 for 2 on all of their Xmas Tree decorations. They have such fantastic ornaments which look a lot pricier than they are, the above range from £5.25 - £7 and of course you'd only be paying for 2 and getting 1 free! I'd love to know if you have a food themed tree or any other unique theme?


Sunday, 3 December 2017

Lifestyle | XMAS | What to do in London this festive season?

Here's my little low down on what to do this Xmas Season in London. I hope you find some fun things to do and if there's anything you recommend please write them in the comments.

Winter Wonderland

I love love love Winter Wonderland!! There's nothing better than wrapping up warm and heading for a Christmas day out and Winter Wonderland is a fab place to go. It's always incredibly busy on the weekends and evenings so try and go on a weekday if you can as you'll be able to mooch about at your own pace. So if you've never been, Winter Wonderland is in Hyde Park (tiny walk from Marble Arch Station) and it's taking over the park until January 8th 2018. It's free entry and once through the magical gates you'll be greeted with German market stalls which have all the normal bits and bobs found at Christmas markets, tons of food stalls, bars and rides. There are also some special pop ups which you can buy tickets for in advance, they include, ice skating Cinderella show, ice skating, Giant Wheel, Ice Bar, Zippos Christmas Circus and Karaoke bar.

Leicester Square

If you like the idea of Winter Wonderland but aren't mad for the rides or the huge crowds then I'd recommend popping to Leicester Square as they have a little pop up Christmas market. It's completely free to go to and has traditional stalls selling bits and bobs and snacks. There is also a Grotto to visit which you can book tickets in advance which means no queuing!

Southbank Wintertime 

Southbank is another great place to visit if you want the Xmas spirit as the river bank is lined with lovely stalls. They also have bars for mulled wine and other hot beverages and there's also normally an ice skating rink to visit near the London Eye.

Ice Skating

I haven't been ice skating for years, mainly because I am actually not very good at it because I get really nervous about falling over haha however it can be very enjoyable and it's definitely Christmassy! If you too aren't the biggest fan of actually being on the ice the big rinks in London have lovely heated pop up cafes right by them which offer hot drinks and snacks and it's fun to watch the skaters. I recommend checking out The Natural History Museum, Winter Wonderland and Somerset House (this one is particularly special as it's in collaboration with Fortnum and Mason which means lovely food and a beautiful gift shop!).

Pantomime / Theatre

I've grown up in a musical loving family and happily take any excuse to go the Theatre! For the past few years we've made it a tradition to go to the Theatre just before Christmas Day and see a Pantomime just after! This year I am seeing 'Everybody's talking about Jaime' and then 'Dick Whittington' Panto at the Palladium Theatre. Some other pantos showing in London are Peter Pan (Wembley Arena), Cinderella (Hackney Empire), Jack and the Beanstalk (Lyric Hammersmith) and Aladdin (Richmond Theatre).

Kew Gardens

Here's something I've never done before at Christmas time but just came across, a magical winter walk through Kew Gardens. Until January 1st you can walk through a light show and also indulge in mulled wine, hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows. Tickets are pretty pricey as it's £18.50 for an evening time slot.

Harry Potter Studios - Hogwarts in the snow

I am not even a Harry Potter fan and have only watched all the films in the past few years,  however,  I love love love the studio! It's so interesting and makes for a brilliant day out, it's fantastic to see the sets and costumes up close, try the butter beer, learn to fly and mooch about the huge shop. Until January 28th you can see the entire studio tour decorated for Christmas, including seeing the set of the entire school dusted with snow. Whilst Harry Potter Xmas scenes were filmed a member of the crew stood on a ladder and sprinkled snow on top of the model through a sieve and at the studio they use the same technique to create the snowy scene.

Christmas Lights

By the time you're reading this I think all of the Xmas light events have happened but the streets of London are still lit up and look very pretty, so make sure to head out for a walk and take in the sights. I recommend walking around Bond Street, Regent Street, Leicester Square and Covent Garden. The Selfridges Xmas window displays aren't as festive as I'd like them to be but start there and walk all the way through to Covent Garden and you'll end on a high as walking through their market is a pure delight and there's a massive Xmas Tree.

Department Stores

Although I said above that the Selfridges Xmas displays aren't overly festive there are still many department stores which are worth popping into. On Bond Street, John Lewis is always one to look at as they have a fab Xmas display and store. Then I'd head straight to Liberty and Fortnum and Mason as they are two of the oldest and most traditional department stores we have in London. They are both beautiful to visit and a lovely place to purchase special Christmas gifts, as well as just appreciating the building and the decorations.

Christmas Afternoon Tea

A lovely way to escape the business of the shops is to have a spot of afternoon tea and the following places offer a delicious tea. Bulgari hotel, The Corinthia, One Aldwych, Claridges and Fortnum and Mason. This would also make a lovely Christmas gift for a friend and just a splendid outing.

So there we are! I hope you have some ideas of places to go on the lead up to Xmas and I can't wait to follow my own list and go on some festive outings!!!!


Friday, 1 December 2017

Beauty | Gigi Hadid x Maybelline / What's hot, what's not?!

Maybe she's born with it? Or maybe it's Maybelline? I am sure we are all hoping Gigi Hadid's Maybelline collaboration will help give us an effortless natural glow! There has been a lot of celebrity make up ranges, we've seen Kylie's lip kits go viral, Rhianna's Fenty makeup take the blogger world by storm and then all of the smaller drugstore collaborations fly off the shelves, yet this is the first celeb collaboration which I've wanted to try.

Gigi Hadid is the epitome of natural, glowy city chic make-up. She looks effortlessly cool and her hair is just casually coiffed on the daily, she's the ultimate preppy It Girl which is confirmed by Tommy Hilfiger collaborating with her for the third time! So now I am done fangirling, let's move onto her Limited Edition Maybelline collection.

The Gigi Hadid x Maybelline collaboration includes 27 products which are split into three collections.

East Coast Glam 

Three natural shades of lipsticks and liners,  fibre mascara, strobing liquid, tinted moisturiser, contour eye palette and gel eyeliner.

West Coast Glow

Three red shades of lipsticks and liners, lash sensational mascara, tinted primer, strobing liquid, eyeshadow palette, two brushes and liquid eyeliner.

Jet Setter Palette

One palette which has everything you need to create a full face make-up.

I spent my sweet time in Boots swatching everything on offer and I decided to try a lipstick, liner and fibre mascara. I honestly was just going to try the lipstick and mascara but it was by 3 get 1 free and also when getting 3 you got a free make-up bag so I thought it would be nice to have the lip liner to try with the lipstick too. I didn't like the eyeshadow palettes or the jet setter palette, the colours were very basic or incredibly glittery. So the stand out products were definitely the lipsticks, lip liners, mascaras and eyeliners.

Matte Lipstick £8.99 LINK
Matte Lipliner £5.99 LINK

The colour I chose is called Taura and is actually the perfect your lip but better colour, it's a lighter and paler version of Mac Velvet Teddy. It has a matte finish but it's so moisturising and doesn't cling to any dry patches. The lip liner is the same colour but it does apply slightly darker and it's incredibly smooth to apply, Gigi recommends applying the lipstick first and then using the liner to refine the shape of your lips. After reading a few interviews with her she said Taura is her favourite colour from the range, so you know we are basically besties already.

Fiber Mascara £11.99 LINK

Next up is the fibre mascara which is in the most beautiful holographic box. I love fibre mascaras as they make your lashes look amazingly long, they do take that bit longer to apply though. For this mascara you have to apply mascara first, then the fibres and then another layer of mascara. I did  read around and someone wrote how they applied the fibres first to their naked lashes and they dropped into her eyes and hurt a lot, so don't try and short cut it with this product! 

This mascara creates a very subtle and natural difference to your lashes, they definitely look slightly longer but it's not like my other fibre mascara (L'Oreal Superstar X Fibre) which makes you look like you're wearing false lashes. I am happy to use this as it creates a pretty look but I wouldn't re-purchase it.

Overall I am really impressed with this collaboration and there are some really lovely products to try, especially the lipsticks and liners. The packaging is gorgeous, it looks incredibly high end and not like a drugstore collection. I'd love to know what you think of this collection and if you've tried anything?!