Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Lifestyle | sewing station in a small space

When we moved to our new flat, and first time having an entire place to ourselves, I was so excited to see that we'd even have a spare room. It was decided that we'd have to pop a bed in here but we'd also have so much room for more. My hobby is sewing and crafting which definitely calls for a desk, so this spare room was the dream space for my creation station!

The desk was in my bedroom as a child and had been kept safe in the loft by my Dad! I know IKEA sell very similar designs.

Muji storage for embroidery threads with a sewing Polly Pocket toy for decoration. I had a lovely time organising these into colours! I also have a mug which I've used as a pen pot since I was a child.

Stationery drawer featuring the rug from Aldi

Arts & Craft drawer

Sewing & paint drawer

Underneath I kept some felt and fat quarters in a white straw basket. My sewing machine also lives here alongside wrapping paper and a wooden storage box which holds spare bedding etc for the bed in this room.

The star of the show is definitely my IKEA peg board. This is available in a variety of sizes and then you can pop on whatever you like e.g. pegs, shelves, pots etc.

I absolutely love having this space to be able to craft away! I am the type of person who likes to have my things on view to make it easier whilst working on a project, so the IKEA peg board was the perfect addition for me. It also adds a lot of colour and personality to the room, along with the acrylic Muji storage.

I hope this has shown you creative ways to store your art bits and bobs in a small space.

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

FASHION | 4 ways to take your Summer dress to Winter

The sun may have gone into hibernation but that doesn't mean your Summer dresses have to! Here's how to make your Summer dresses work year-round...

Layer up a pretty Summer dress with a neutral knit, complement your printed dress with a textured jumper. A cropped design will emphasise your waist and stop the outfit from looking frumpy. Wear a pair of thicker boot socks and leave them poking out of your converse to keep you warm, whilst matching the outfit and creating a cosy look.

Toughen up a pretty Summer dress with an edgy leather jacket, pop on a pair of thick tights and simple chelsea boots for an effortless look.

When it gets to shivering temperatures layer up with UniQlo HeatTech leggings, puddle jumping approved Dr Martens and a cuddly teddy bear coat.

Layer your Summer dresses with a fitted turtle neck underneath, the best way to make your dress look its best and keep warm! If it's a more delicate dress pop a sheer blouse or pretty frilly t-shirt under.

What's your favourite way to make your Summer dresses appropriate?

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

LIFESTYLE | How To Make A Beautiful Table Setting At Home

On Sunday I hosted Afternoon Tea for my family for the first time. Of all honesty I was pretty nervous about the whole thing. Baking and cooking are not my forte but I do love a tad of interior design so focussed my nervous energy into making the table look beautiful and here's how it turned out...

The table cloth is a huge part of the aesthetic and as my dining table is in my lounge I chose something homely and ensured it matched the colour theme and style of the lounge. This particular one is from Zara Home

I then thought paper napkins might have made it look less put together and if you're buying them every time you entertain they'd add up, so these linen napkins from Amazon are perfect for the environment, your purse and the look of the setting. After scouring Pinterest for ideas I popped to The Works and bought these shabby chic tiles with letters on and some pipe cleaner inspired by Winter greenery. 

I simply pinched the napkins to a point and then wrapped the letters around with string and poked the pipe cleaner through. Simple, easy and very effective! This would make a perfect way of showing where people are to sit, except if like my guests you double up on people with the same first letter!

Due to this I needed another way of directing people to their seat and I decided on little goody bags, these ones are from HobbyCraft. I filled mine with a mix of sweets and chocolate but for a big occasion you could definitely personalise your gifts per guests.

I used a gold marker to write everyones names on their goody bags and placed it on their plate with their napkin.  I do regret how I wrote the names and in the future I shall do it more delicately by adding a gift tag to the bag and writing on that.

A lovely touch my mum has always done at family meals is to type a menu, it's such a fun addition to the table whilst serving a purpose! You could make these as fancy or plain as you wish, I made mine on PowerPoint and then printed them out in A5. If you're able to print them in card then they'd look great stood up in the middle of the table too.

I hope you like how I decorated the table and it's given you some ideas for when you're next hosting.