Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Beauty | Makeup Splurge vs Save

I'm a sucker for makeup, all the pretty packaging and sleek marketing gets me every time but it's got to the point where I am starting to see through the #fomo and I know what makeup my skin gets on with and what makeup I actually need and use. So I thought today I'd share with you what products I think are worth splurging for and which you can definitely save your pounds on.

Base Makeup Splurge

When it comes to base makeup we are covering your primer, concealer, foundation and setting powder and these are four vital steps to your look, especially if you have problematic or oily skin. I've tried many drugstore base products throughout my teenage years and if it didn't oxidize and turn me orange by 2pm, then I was sweating it off and waiting for my forthcoming breakout. Now that I've found products which work for me I know that I won't try anything else unless the brands go kaput and I'm forced to!

Eyeshadow Splurge

If I had told you my thoughts on this subject a few years ago I would have straight away said to save your money on eyeshadow but after trying multiple brands I can definitely see the difference between a real cheapy product and a high end eyeshadow. The high end shadows are buttery and blend-able whilst a lot of the cheaper ones are chalky, impossible to blend and have 0% colour pay off!

Mascara/eyeliner Save

Mascara and eyeliner is something that you should be dispensing of rather frequently for hygiene reasons, so you don't want to be spending too much money. There are plenty of great drugstore mascaras to choose from and I'm sure most eyeliners are pretty similar anyway! Look out for Magazines giving away free mascaras too!

Nail Varnish Save

You can find some fantastic nail varnishes in the drugstore which mean there's no reason to splurge on a designer version. As there are so many colours to choose from and now you can even buy gel polishes which don't need a UV lamp you can forgo your monthly nail appointment! Again,  magazines always seem to have nail varnish as a freebie! 

Lipsticks Save

The drugstore brands are constantly duping higher end products, it only takes a quick search on bloglovin and you'll be able to find a post showing you all the dupes, so you'll find that Mac lipstick you've always wanted but for half the price! 

I hope you found my tips helpful and they'll stay in your mind next time you're makeup shopping!


Sunday, 15 July 2018

People who do things | # 2 Menswear Designer

Welcome back to People who do things and today we have a very exciting interview with Yasmin, a Junior Menswear Designer at Noose and Monkey, who secured her sought after job by using her initiative and asking for what she wanted, keep reading to find out more....

Did you study to get this job? If so where? Yes, straight from school I attended The Fashion Retail Academy for 3 years and studied a BTEC in Fashion Design. I then went onto study BA(hons) in Fashion Design at Nottingham Trent University, although at both of these places I studied womenswear. 

What's been your career path so far to get to this role? After graduating I became a personal shopper in Topman, Oxford Circus, which is where I was introduced to menswear. A brand that I often chose for my clients whilst working there was a tailoring brand called Noose & Monkey as I loved their style, so much so that I emailed them my portfolio and CV in hope of a job. I didn't actually expect to hear back from them as they weren't even advertising a job, but I just thought I'd give it a shot! But they did get back to me and offered me an internship and then they gave me the job as a Junior Designer!

Wow, that's fantastic! Do you have any advice for any other 20 something year olds if they want to follow in your footsteps and gain a designer role? Don't wait for companies to advertise jobs, just send them your work because you never know when they need an extra hand, it paid off for me! Also, try and work for a brand that you have an understanding of as you'll be spending more time at work than at home, so you have to be passionate about what you're doing and who you're working for.

What does your day to day life at work look like? I think people assume that being a designer means you purely sit and draw designs, however that's not the case. You're involved in all areas of the production line. There's a lot of CAD work (Photoshop and Illustrator), talking to factories and mills to ensure that samples and collections in production are running smoothly, a copious amount of meetings, regular visits to your suppliers and you'll always do all of this with a messy desk covered in fabric swatches!

Is there anything about your job that you don't enjoy or struggle with? Sometimes the workload can get too much and the next thing you know you're working 70 hours a week. It's very tough and incredible demanding but you just have to remember there's only so much you can do.

Is there a brand you'd like to design for? Or a designer you aspire to? There's a brand called I.AM.GIA which I am obsessed with. It's exactly the things I would design if I opened my own brand. I also love the idea of being a personal designer for a singer or group eg like Little Mix as I love their stage wardrobe, it's provocative but edgy.

That would be amazing to work as a designer or stylist for a band, however, if you weren't a Fashion Designer what do you think you'd be doing? Well, as someone with a fair few tattoos it's only right to say a tattoo artist! I do also draw a lot of tattoo designs in my spare time as it's a huge passion of mine.

What's your side hustle? In my (very rare) spare time I like to unwind in the calmest environment possible. I'm a member of the National Trust so I regularly visit stately homes and gardens outside of London. I also really enjoy going to galleries, exhibitions and drawing.

That sounds like an ideal way to unwind! And the question we all want to know the answer of, what are the perks of the job?! I often get coats and trousers samples and my brothers get suited and booted every season! Travelling abroad is also a great perk. I love that everything I personally design is actually sold in the shops, I am given free reign to design and I love that the company has so much trust in me, that is the best reward.

A massive thank you to Yasmin for taking the time to share her role as a designer, I hope you found this interesting as I definitely did! Keep tuned for lots more interviews, I shall be posting a new 'people who do things' every other Sunday, so the next one will be posted on Sunday July 29th.

If you're in a job that you love make sure to DM me on Instagram @greatestformofflatteryblog and I can feature you!


Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Lifestyle | What's inside my Ralph Lauren handbag

We're going old school today and looking at what's inside my bag, I swap the handbag I use depending on my outfit and what my day holds, so I may do this post again for a different bag!

My bag of choice at the moment has been my Ralph Lauren leather brown shopper style handbag, you would have seen this before in my 'What I got for my 23rd Birthday' post. I'd say it's a medium sized handbag, it's the perfect shape for cramming in tons of stuff and it's smart enough for a bag to take to the office but also cool enough as just a bag for going to town for the day. It has one front pocket which I normally use for my oyster card or tissues and then inside it has the secret zip compartment which, like most ladies probably do, I use for pads! Then the rest of the bag does up with a zip. The handles are a great size for being able to pop the bag on my shoulder and then be able to securely keep it under my arm.

Here's what's been inside my bag for the past couple of days, my makeup bag which is actually a pencil case from Paperchase, Kipling purse, phone, Kipling oyster card holder, Glossier lipstick in Cake, tissues, headphones and Cosmo magazine! As you can see I don't tend to carry too much around with me as I don't enjoy carrying a heavy bag but I have to say even with this amount of stuff the bag is quite heavy to carry.

Inside my makeup bag I keep a powder, Glossier balm, Kiehl's hand cream, anti-bac hand gel, hayfever nose spray, hair band and a little body spray.

I love having a nosy into other peoples bags/makeup bags and even room, so send me any links to your posts!