Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Beauty | The Top 5 Lip Balms to Banish Chapped Lips

I have a severe case of chapped lips, it doesn't look overly pretty and it makes applying lipstick near to impossible and it's also incredibly sore! So I've been trying out lots of lip balms and thought it would be helpful to share my top 5 finds.

5-  Vaseline

I actually collect Vaseline and have a crazy amount of their limited edition tins now! However, the actual product is probably my least favourite as a lip moisturiser. I do really like it to add a little shine, if I don't want to wear a gloss and I also think it's good for cuticles and around your nose in hay-fever season but it doesn't seem to improve my chapped lips.

4- Carmex

Now I have even surprised myself for putting Carmex at number 4 because I love it! I also love the limited edition tins they do, this Skinny Dip Unicorn tin is so cute! I like how Carmex tingles slightly when applied which gives me the illusion that it's getting to work! I just find that I have to apply a lot of product for my chapped lips to improve even slightly, however, if you have just dry lips or they're already smooth then this is a winner for maintaining them.

3- Nivea

This original care balm is always in my bag, it's hygienic, easy to apply and smells great! It has a thicker balmy texture and sinks into your lips quickly. I find it also masks the appearance of dry lips whilst moisturising them. It's not quite as hardcore as needed when the weather is particularly cold but it's a great contender!

This is an 100% natural intense thick moisturising balm which is great for dry skin anywhere and it's joint first with Paw Paw. It has 100s of uses from sore noses to sticking glitter on your face! It doesn't need to be re-applied too often, yet it moisturises your lips constantly.

This is a thick heavy duty moisturiser which feels soft to apply and absorbs into your lips quickly, so it doesn't feel like a thick layer of balm sitting on your lips. It works absolute wonders and I saw an improvement in a day! They also have a pink and red tinted balm which adds colour to your lips and can also be dabbed on the apples of your cheeks for a healthy and natural glow.

Thanks for reading and I hope this has helped you choose which lip balm to try and banish your chapped lips!


Sunday, 14 January 2018

Beauty | NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette Warm Neutrals

It's time to take a moment for the most beautiful drugstore eyeshadow palette and the hardest one to locate! I came across this palette when it was just the sample left in boots and after my hand was completely covered in the most beautiful orange and brown shades, I knew I had to go back to pick it up! But every time I went to Boots it was never there, :( so the challenge of finding this palette was passed onto my grandmother, as I popped it on my Christmas wishlist! She too had difficulties and after numerous visits to Boots and Selfridges she finally found it and I couldn't be happier!

NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette 'Warm Neutrals' £16 LINK

The packaging isn't anything spectacular, however, it is really practical as you can see all the colours inside, which I love when it comes to choosing what eyeshadow palette to reach for! The transparent lid does mean that this palette doesn't have a mirror, but I'm happy using my make-up mirror or a compact. It's also slim enough to fit into the narrow Muji acrylic drawers. This is a drugstore product at a higher end cost but as you're getting 16 shadows for £16 it does seem reasonable to pay £1 per shadow!

The palette is called 'Warm Neutrals' and it has the most beautiful shades to create a variety of looks. There is a really great mix of mattes (9) and shimmers (7) and all of them are buttery and highly pigmented. There is a smidgen of fall out with the shimmers, so definitely apply the shadows before doing your base make-up. 

I'd love to know if you have this palette, or one of the other colour ways and what you think of it!


Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Beauty | MAC Snow Ball Mini Lipstick Kit 'Cool'

I love Mac cosmetics and I get especially excited when they reveal their limited edition and holiday collections, they're always packaged so beautifully and they collaborate with fun brands. This year I treated myself to one of their holiday kits, so I thought I'd share it with you!

I bought mine from John Lewis as I had a voucher and unfortunately for me they sell this kit for £25, if you buy this directly from Mac it's only £19.99.  I was also a little bit surprised with how small the make-up bag is. I knew the lipsticks were mini but I just assumed the make-up bag was going to be a normal size, so I'm not entirely sure yet what I'll use that for, as it fits into the palm of my hand!

They have 3 different colour ways to choose from and I went with 'cool' which has the following lipsticks:

Kinda Sexy - Neutral Pinky Rose (Matte)
Boca - Soft Pink Nude (Satin)
Cocktail Kiss - Dirty Rose (Matte)

The other two colour ways are pinks and warm shades which has reds. If you like Mac's infamous 'Velvet Teddy' then this 'cool' set will be perfect for you, these shades are great alternatives as they aren't quite as brown but they are still a neutral palette. This gift set is perfect for someone who wants to try out some new shades, the mini size is also beneficial for anyone who never finishes a full size Mac lipstick anyway!

Thanks for reading! I'd love to know if you've tried any of these shades, or if you got the other two kits?