Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Beauty | Make-up Collection | What's inside my contour/highlight drawer?

Another emptier drawer is for my contour and highlight products as this definitely requires a skill to apply which I am slowly but surely attempting to teach myself. So with this in mind, you can be assured that the products below are super easy to use and blend into your skin as even I am able to use them!

The Body Shop honey bronzer is perfect for pale skin as the bronzer is pale enough to suit my skin tone whilst dark enough to actually make a difference! It's also a matte bronzer which makes it perfect for adding a natural warmth and contour to the face.

The Topshop contour stick is so easy to use, on one end is the product which you lightly swipe on your face and on the other is a small sponge which you use to blend it in. It makes a subtle shadow and 'Shapes' is a wonderful colour for pale complexions. The No 7 Instant Radiance highlight doesn't get used too much because I can't work out the best way to apply it, it's meant to be applied directly to the skin from the stick but if I swipe this over my foundation it just rubs that off and leaves me with a weird streak, if you have any advice let my know!

I bought the Barry M Dazzle Dust to use as a highlight when I was a Unicorn ( this wasn't my before life, it was just Halloween) and wow is it amazing. It's very over the top and almost holographic as when you move your face you get shades of silver and purple. I have used this since for a normal day out and did feel like it was too much but it's too amazing to chuck! The two Benefit minis are most fab, I really love High Beam and that's definitely my most used highlight, the pinky undertones compliment my skin well.

Finally the NYX Sculpt and Highlight Duo is perfection and so easy to use, find out all about it HERE.

Thanks for reading, do you recommend any more products which I should have in this drawer?


Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Beauty | Make-up Collection | What's inside my blush drawer?

Welcome back to day 5 of my make-up collection reveal! Today's one is a tad more exciting to look at as it's the blush drawer! 

Top Left-Right

Mac Limited Edition Archies Girls blush in 'Cream Soda'
Mac Limited Edition Goodluck Trolls beauty powder

As you can these products are all very similar in shade as i like to wear a very natural blush, if I wear one at all! The most adventurous shade above is 'Gingerly' by Mac which is a warmer pinky/bronze shade, it's great for pale skin as adds a natural looking contour to the cheeks. The sheerest is definitely the Nars one which leaves a beautiful shine to your cheeks mirroring how a natural highlight would look. 

The Mac beauty powder can actually be used anywhere on the face to add a fresh and subtle glow so this sometimes is used as a blush or a highlight. The Clarins and Benefit blush are very similar shades but the clarins has a slight sparkle to it which highlights your cheek bones. Finally the Mac blush in Cream Soda is 100% out of date so I don't wear this anymore but I can't bare to part with the beautiful packaging!

I hope you enjoyed having a quick tour of this drawer, I'll see you tomorrow for the next!


Monday, 20 November 2017

Beauty | Make-up Collection | What's inside my setting/powder drawer?

Now it's time to get stuck into the next drawer and this time it's the setting powder and sprays to pop over my base make-up. I tend to pop a light dusting of powder over my t-zone and then spray a setting spray over my entire face. 

PS Pollution Protect Facial Mist

I was kindly sent the make-up revolution ghost finish powder which I use as a setting powder if I have more of a glam make-up look going on or if I want my make-up to have the best chance of lasting all day! 

My go to everyday powder is the L'Oreal Infallible matte powder it's a great light powder which has a tiny bit of coverage too so on no make-up days this most definitely has been popped on. I then spritz my face with Mac Fix Plus which is refreshing more than anything else!

I also have the Pixi Glow Mist which is infused with oils, this can be sprayed as a primer or at any point in the day to give your face a dewy look. It's really moisturising and due to me having oily skin this isn't the best thing to spritz in the day time so I normally use this in the evening if my skin is feeling a little dry. 

Finally I have the PS Pollution Protect Facial Mist which is from Primark. It's a light mist which helps protect your skin from all the rubbish floating in the air. The only thing is the spritz part is truly rubbish as it just soaks a tiny area of my face.

Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow!


Sunday, 19 November 2017

Beauty | Make-up Collection | What's inside my concealer drawer?

Hey again! So we've moved onto the concealer drawer, this is a very empty drawer as I recently cleared through it and got rid of all the ones I don't use anymore and the out of dates ones. As you can see from the picture below, this will be a short but sweet post!

Maybelline Anti-Age Eraser under the eye concealer in shade light
Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in shade fair 1 and medium light 2

I do love me a bit of concealer and I use these three daily for different areas of my face, so here goes! I use the Maybelline green concealer on my chin as for some delightful reason I have the pleasure of a very red chin. I then use the Maybelline anti-age concealer under my eyes and it banishes my dark bags and brightens my face. Last but not least I use the collection lasting perfection to define my eyebrows, yeh that's a thing. I don't actually use concealer to conceal spots as I find that my foundation does most of the covering and adding concealer on top makes them more obvious.

So there we are that's my concealer drawer done and duster, see you tomorrow!


Saturday, 18 November 2017

Beauty | Make-up Collection | What's inside my base drawer?

Hey again, So we've now moved onto the next drawer and probably one of my favourites. Here is the drawer that makes me feel more confident when I am having a bad skin day. Having very oily skin makes it hard to find foundations which stay on all day so I thought I'd share with you the ones I've found.

My everyday foundation is the body shop matte clay, it stays on so well for a day at work or socialising. It's a really lovely colour and applies so smoothly over my skin. It does dry a little bit over dry patches so I have to make sure I blend it really well. The Vichy Dermablend foundation has extreme coverage, it can even cover tattoos! I like to use this for nights out or when I do more of  a glam make-up look.  I haven't used the NYX one for a good while as I like it for the Summer as it's water based so very lightweight. The Fresh Nude foundation by The Body Shop is another winner for the Summer, it's very lightweight and leaves you with a fresh dewy look, it doesn't have any coverage though.

Last but not least I have two BB creams, the penultimate being the Effaclar BB Blur which I chose because I love their Effaclar primer. It has the texture of Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse and has slight coverage. If you'd like to read a bit more about this BB blur then check out this post HERE. Finally I have The Body Shop Tea Tree BB Cream which I used religiously throughout last Summer, it helps to clear spots whilst covering them, what more could you want?

So there we are that's my base drawer done and dusted! See you tomorrow!


Friday, 17 November 2017

Beauty | Make-up Collection | What's inside my primer make-up drawer?

Seeing as you all seemed to enjoy reading what's inside my eyebrow makeup drawer I thought I'd share the other drawers with you that are in my makeup collection, so keep coming back to my blog over the next 10 days as a new drawer will be revealed! 

First up is my primer drawer, primers are something I am just beginning to understand and appreciate and I've definitely found my favourites already.

I have two primers which I've been using everyday for the past few month and they are the Effaclar Duo all over my face and the De-Slick primer patted onto my T-zone. If you'd like to see a more detailed post about this check out this post HERE.

The Estee Edit primer is meant to help control oil levels but I find that by midday my makeup was melting off. This is however a good primer for putting over pores as it blurs them and it's really moisturising so could be used just as a face cream . The NYX Shine Killer is a great dupe for Benefit porefessional but again it doesn't keep your face matte. 

I hope you enjoyed having a little nosy into more of my makeup collection and keep posted to see more soon!


Sunday, 12 November 2017

Beauty | Tricks of the Trade - How to get the perfect winged liner using a bobby pin!

Today I am coming at you with a bobby pin, an eyeliner and photography courtesy of my boyfriend! 

Winged eyeliner is the bane of my life, I know first world problems just here! I'll attempt to do something fancy with my eyeshadow and then I'll pop on mascara and it will look like somethings missing. That little magical black line delicately flicked out at the edge can really make all the difference to a makeup look and make my anxiety double in a matter of moments. 

After spending a good 20 minutes blending my eyeshadow I suddenly get the confidence of a make up artist and think winged eye liner will complete my look. I'll then sit there with a 'Sophie's Choice' dilemma wondering if it's worth risking my makeup being completely ruined, having to go out with the thickest black line, or if I should dismiss the thought and go on with my day! I'll give you one guess with the option I normally go with! This was until fiddling around with a bobby pin, found at the bottom of my bag, and daydreaming about the shapes it could create and the stress free perfect winged eyeliner was born!

You can obviously use any bobby pin and eyeliner but for my eyeliner I like to use this Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner Pen as I have that bit more control.

Simply place the bobby pin at the corner of your eye where you'd like your flick to be.

Then it's time to take your eyeliner and fill in the shape the bobby pin makes! It takes seconds and creates a neat and even flick for both eyes. 

On the rest of my eyelid I smudge a black eyeshadow for a more natural look but you could obviously carry the wing liner across the rest of your eye.

So there we are there's the way to get perfectly matching winged eyeliner quickly! I hope you enjoyed this post and I'd love to know if you give this a chance!