Sunday, 5 July 2015

The Art of Shopping ~ Why you've been shopping wrong

Any true shopaholic will know we don't leave something as important as a shopping spree to chance, we organise the shops we want to go to and whether we want the outcome of the trip to be clothes/make - up/ accessories based and of course always making to sure to include the impulse purchase factor. Here are a few shopping spree tips to go by...

1- Stores are a psychological set up, big sales and discounts signs will normally be placed on the right as most people walk into a shop and turn right. However as shops use this to their advantage they will also place some of their nicest and most expensive pieces right by the sales too.

2- Ever noticed how some parts of the stores have carpet and some wood? Take Selfridges for example their beauty hall (ground floor) gets super busy because people are trying to pass through to find other floors and tourists are just genuinely confused as to where to go. The shiny laminate floor helps you walk fast. Then go up a few floors to the lingerie and suddenly it's carpeted, making it physically harder to move quickly meaning you have to spend longer looking. The carpet also creates a luxurious and comforting feel as it will make you think of home and make you relax whilst shopping so you're more likely to purchase more than you went in for.

3- Changing rooms have Disney worthy magical mirrors. They contain the same effect as the ones in fairgrounds which stretch your body, making you look thinner and therefore making the clothes look better definitely making you the 'fairest of them all'(Snow White). The lighting too is normally dimmed to make your skin and hair look healthier, all to make you think the clothes were practically made for you.

And a few online shopping hints for you..

4- Stores put new items and sale items onto their websites on Tuesdays (why this is I have no clue but they do).

5- If you leave an item in you basket for awhile one of two things can occur: Firstly if it's a site like Asos they will annoyingly remind you of this item by bringing it up on banners on other sites such as Amazon. Secondly the kind company may email you a week later reminding you of an item that's been in your basket and generously offer a discount code.

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