Sunday, 14 June 2015

A peek into my University bedroom

I have now finished my second year at university and it's gone way too fast for my liking but I've had an amazing academic year. I've lived in the same room two years in a row but next year I decided to move out and have a little change. So here's a look at my first and second year University Room!

I love having a space to call my own and decorating it with all my things and as I never moved from my family home as a child, I am excited to change were I live next year too. If you're off to university next year I'd recommend taking lots of posters and pictures for your new room and also having your mummy write to you in the post so you can add new cards to your wall, which gives you interesting things to look at when procrastinating about work! I'd also recommend taking a big plastic storage draw set for putting make up/ hair things/ stationary and electrics etc in, as it just gets everything out of the way.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I'd love to see links to your university rooms.


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  1. This looks a lot tidier than my room did at uni! xx


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