Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Beauty | A Massive Glossier Haul ~ First Impressions

Unless you've had the misfortune of having no WIFI for an unthinkable amount of time I'm sure you're aware of the makeup and skincare brand Glossier, if it's not for their infamous pink bubble wrap packaging then it will be for their ethos of creating natural makeup which accentuates your skin with a healthy glow, rather than caking your face with high coverage makeup. If you've read my blog for awhile you'll know that I stay far away from glowy products as I prefer a very matte base so I haven't tried any base products but most of the rest of their makeup collection made it into my basket!

Before I even get to the products I have to give a shout out to Glossiers' website, buying makeup online is profoundly difficult and something I usually wouldn't do as I like to see the colours in person, however being in London buying Glossier online is my only option. Glossier has obviously thought about this and for every product they sell they have it photographed on models of different races so you have a good representation on how they'll look on your skin, such a simple idea but one so many more makeup brands should imitate! 

Everything arrived in a pretty pink reusable bubble wrap bag, I do wish they had sent them out in a few bags instead of one big one! They also sent a cute sheet of stickers which I assume is to decorate the pink bag, that's my night sorted!

Generation g Lipstick £14 each LINK

I was most excited to try the Generation g sheer matte lipsticks as they create a really natural matte sheen and I like to wear lipstick without people actually thinking, wow she's gone all out with her lipstick! They currently have 6 shades and I chose 'Cake' a subtle peachy shade and 'Like' a pale pretty your lips but better pink. They are easy to apply but make sure you heavily moisturise your lips beforehand as it tends to cling to any dry patches. 

Boy Brow £14 each LINK

One of their most raved about products is their boy brow which promises to fill in, thicken and groom brows. This comes in 4 shades, blonde, brown, black and clear. I've just started using this and I shall be writing a blog post about this soon so I can have a little more time to test it out properly!

Lash Slick £14 LINK

One of their newest products is this Lash Slick mascara and as I was in the market for a new mascara and I am yet to be loyal to one I thought why not give this one a go! When it comes to mascara I normally like to be quite heavy handed and create thick, very black big lashes but I knew buying from Glossier would mean this mascara would make a more natural prettier look. Firstly, I love that the packaging is millennial pink, how perfect is that for this brand! I have a feeling and I hope that all their old white packaging will soon become pink too. The wand is plastic and quite narrow which helps to lift all your lashes and the formula has tiny fibers in which cling to your lashes. I can't believe how lengthening this mascara is, it created a really dramatic difference and it also separated my lashes making them appear even longer and fluttery. It's also water resistant, not water proof, which means it doesn't smudge throughout the day but it's easy to remove when you actually want to! It does promise to not flake and this is something I don't ever have a problem with but I actually found this mascara did flake a little bit and left a few black marks underneath my eye.

Cloud Paint £15 LINK

Their Insta-famous Cloud paint blush is a light weight liquid blush which is perfect for anyone who likes to use their finger tips to apply their makeup and anyone who doesn't like a heavy blush look. You need to use the tiniest amount and then pat it onto the apples of your cheeks to create a healthy glow with a subtle amount of colours. I chose 'Beam' which is a natural peachy shade. It's quick and easy to apply and definitely does everything they promise. The colours seem quite similar so I think all of your makeup looks would be covered by just choosing one!

Balm Dot Com £10 LINK

The last product I bought was their Balm which is just basically a highly moisturising all purpose lip balm which can be used on your cuticles, lips, elbows and any other dry patches of skin you may get! There are 6 shades to choose from and I bought their birthday balm which is clear with glitter and their rose balm which has a soft scent or rose and a subtle light pink tint. They're both lovely balms and make a nice natural look if you don't feel like wearing lipstick and they are highly moisturising, hopefully they'll bring out with SPF in. Also the packaging is just so lovely!!

I got to choose a free sample to be sent and I chose to have a sample of their perfume 'you' and oh my it's so dreamy and is now on my wish list!

So there we are there is my Glossier haul! I hope you enjoyed seeing everything I bought and reading my initial thoughts about the products. So far my favourite product is definitely the lipstick and I haven't worn another brands lipstick since buying them!


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