Sunday, 10 June 2018

Lifestyle | 5 podcasts every 20-something must listen to

Everyone who knows me even a little bit will know I love a YouTube session, there's just nothing better than being able to escape from your life for a bit and see what other people are up to! Well my friends, I have a new thing which will not only save you the eye strain but it's also a lot more practical for your commute to work and that's podcasts! I have been aware of podcasts for a while and I've dabbled in a few here and there but recently I've become obsessed, I have a list longer than my arm of downloaded episodes to listen to and any time I know I'll have a little bit of time to myself I make sure I've packed my headphones so I can try and hear an episode! 

I thought it would be handy to share my favourite podcasts and some of my must hear episodes so you too can make your commute a thrilling part of your day, it also means I can do my second favourite thing which is talking about podcasts!

The Fringe of it

Liv Purivs (What Olivia Did), Charlotte Jacklin (Betty) discuss how their week has gone, firstly focusing on their telly and shopping habits and then they discuss one topic in more detail. Liv Purvis has the most relaxing and calming voice and I could literally listen to her talk about anything and everything! I am a huge fan of her blog and personal style and she speaks a lot of sense! I hadn't heard of  Charlotte Jacklin before but the two work really well together and I enjoy listening to them chat! Episodes to listen to asap;  #8 Stress, #13 Buying & Renting.

Ctrl Alt Delete

Emma Gannon interviews inspirational people about an array of topics from mental health to careers. She is great at interviewing and all the conversations seem very relaxed and easy to listen to. Episodes to listen to asap; #30 Lucy Lendrem (Gleam Social Talent Manager), #84 Chloe Brotheridge (anxiety) & #109 JoJo Moyes (Responding to failure and feeback).

At home with Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton

Lily and Anna tour through homes to find out more about people lives, I watch both of these girls Youtube channels and they come across just as well on their podcast. Episodes to listen to asap; 1. Jo Elvin (Glamour magazine editor) & 2. Zoe Sugg (Youtuber). They are currently recording series two, yah!

Happy Place

Fearne Cotton talks to people about life, love, loss and reveals what happiness means to them. This podcast is probably the most structured podcast that I listen to and is more reminiscent of a radio show, there are a lot of well known and interesting people being interviewed and they make for lovely listening whilst getting on with odd jobs. The only thing which is a slight downer is that Fearne Cotton says 'mmmmmm' a lot to encourage her guests anecdotes but it becomes rather annoying as a listener! Episodes to listen to asap; Gok Wan & Stephen Fry.

The Debrief Podcast (Now re-started and called Nobody Panic)

Stevie Martin and Tessa Coates give all the adulting advice by tackling life's big, small, fun and scary questions. The two are obviously close friends and they bounce off each other making even the most serious conversations fun, I have genuinely laughed out loud on the train listening to their anecdotes. I've even got Tom listening to some of these! As I only found this recently I am catching on all of their Debrief podcast but they have now started a new podcast called Nobody Panic. Episodes to listen to asap; How to nail your work placement/internship, How to meet new people when you're so lonely, How to be more assertive, How to network and so many more!

So there we are that's my list of what I'm loving listening to recently, they may not be the most educational podcasts but I genuinely feel like I learn so many random facts, have lots of interesting conversation starters and the actual act of listening to the podcasts makes me feel calm and relaxed.


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