Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Beauty | Mac Nude Lipstick Collection

Since the start of this year my Mac lipstick collection has grown quite dramatically (from 3 to 8), I bought myself one of their Holiday kits which had three mini lipsticks and my brother very kindly treated me to two lipsticks! As you'll be able to see they are all nude shades and I thought this would be helpful for anyone looking for swatches of nude Mac lipsticks, as I spent a long time trying to find blog posts just like this!

Cocktail Kiss (matte), Boca (satin), Kinda Sexy (matte)

Brave (satin), Velvet Teddy (matte), Mehr (matte), Twig (satin), Clouds in my coffee (liptensity)

 Cocktail Kisses, Boca, Kinda Sexy
Brave, Velvet Teddy, Mehr, Twig & Clouds in my coffee

In the packaging the lipsticks look very similar so I decided to swatch them all together to help you see the difference and choose which nude colour to choose.

For a 90s nude with a brown undertone Velvet Teddy and Clouds In My Coffee are your best bet. The latter is a liptensity product and it has great colour pay off and longevity.

For a pretty natural pink Brave, Mehr, Twig and Cocktail Kisses are all fab choices. The satin finishes give a more natural easy look, whilst the mattes create a more 'I'm definitely wearing pink lipstick' look.

For a peachy nude Kinda Sexy is your go to.

Finally for something really natural, which basically feels and looks like you're wearing nothing but you have a healthy glow your best bet is Boca!

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful! Let me know what your favourite Mac nude lipstick is!


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