Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Fashion | 10 ITEMS Collective Haul - PINK, Jack Wills, Desigual & Primark

I have bought and been gifted a few new clothing bits and bobs recently and thought I'd bung them all together and write a little collective haul post. I hope you enjoy and like seeing what's been catching my eye recently. As some of the things were gifts I am unsure about prices and links etc but where I can I've included details for you to be able to find them.

 Victoria Secret PINK - $44.99 

My dad bought me this in America and I am very excited to add this new 'dog walking fleece' to my wardrobe! I spotted this around Christmas time on the Victoria Secret PINK website and absolutely love it! I don't live in the country side, I don't own Hunter wellies nor do I even have a dog but I have a thing for big fluffy fleeces which would be perfect for those three things! It's just so comfortable and warm and I love the subtle grey and cream design.

 Jack Wills Trench Coat

My boyfriend bought me this ammaazzing bright pink trench coat for my birthday and it's what coat dreams are made of! I have been wanting a light weight coat for ages as I only have really thick winter puff jackets and then really summery denim jackets. This is really just very beautiful, it's double breasted and also has the addition of being able to do up tightly at the top if it's a bit colder.

 Desigual - £33

My mummy treated me to this really fun sweatshirt and I love it! I am not usually a Desigual fan as it's all very loud and colourful. However, I love this as mainly it's plain and the textures of the letters are really interesting. It's a slouchy fit and looks great layered over shirts and tops with interesting high necklines.

 Adidas Baseball Cap - £12.49 - LINK

I am huge fan of the sporty trend and I was in the market for a new baseball cap so decided to pick up this pink Adidas cap. It's great for bad hair days and also when the sun is actually out! I'd definitely like to invest in a navy one for the winter.

 Primark Top - £10 

It's Primark time... I picked up this floaty blouse as I am huge fan of unnecessary flouncy sleeves, smocking and wild flowers! I shall be wearing this with skinny jeans in white or blue as the top is already quite fussy. I think Primark prices have dramatically increased as spending £10 on one top shocked me a lot!

 Primark Stretch Vest Tops - £1.80 each

The above blouse is completely see through and I don't own any light coloured vests so I decided to pick up two which I can wear underneath. I chose this pretty lilac shade and then a nude shade, both make the top look slightly different when worn underneath. They are so reasonable priced and really soft and I am sure I'll wear them with different outfits too.

Primark Fish Net Socks - £1 each

Last but not least I picked up three pairs of fish net socks. I love wearing these with trainers and making my outfit look a bit edgier. I previously could only find these in Topshop for a lot more money so I am very happy that Primark has jumped onto this bandwagon. I picked them up in mint green, lilac and a blue/purple. They also had pink, black and white.

So there's all of my new fashion bits! I hope you enjoyed this haul and having a sneaky peaky at the new things in my wardrobe!


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