Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Lifestyle | My 22nd Birthday Wishlist

Here it is, the mother of all lists, my birthday wish list! Every year since I can remember I would scroll through the web and take my time choosing which items I wanted, then I'd save each image and put it on a word document and send it to the present buyers in my family! As you can see, literally nothing has changed, so enjoy seeing the things I am wishing for this year for my 22nd birthday!

Longchamp Le Pilage Rucksack - LINK 

Iphone SE (my dream) - LINK

Fashion Afternoon Tea at the Berkeley - LINK

Si Perfume - LINK

Origins Out Of Trouble Face Mask - LINK

The Glitter Plan - LINK

Beauty Blender - LINK

So there we have it my birthday wish list! If any of you have the bits above or recommend anything similar, let me know!


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