Sunday, 9 April 2017

Lifestyle | Magi Bobble Hair Ties *

I've wanted to try these hair ties for absolutely ages but it's just something I've never picked up for myself, so when I was kindly gifted them to try out at #BlogConLDN I was very happy and keen to give them a chance!

£2.95 - LINK

So what's this hair bobble all about? Magi bobble hair bands have been designed to make putting your hair up easier. They don't pull on your hair and they reduce the amount of tension on the scalp from having your hair tied too tightly. This band also prevents kinks being made in your hair whilst holding your hair up securely. The band is water resistant and really comfortable to wear, even through the night.

Magi Bobble comes in so many colours, their current collections are natural, neon, pastel and precious metals. I chose their clear bobbles from the natural collection as I wanted to pick one which I knew I'd wear a lot. 

They look really small and come packed into a tiny box but they stretch really far and then spring back to the original size. This also means they are really comfortable to wear around my wrist. I have really thick hair and it hold my hair up really easily and doesn't leave any kinks. 

I am really impressed by these bands and I am definitely now not going back to 'normal' hair bands. Magi Bobbles are really well priced as it's £2.95 for a pack of 5 bands and you can get free delivery if you buy two or packs.


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