Sunday, 2 April 2017

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I am really excited to share this post with you as I am happy with the design I created, how they turned out and I also really enjoyed photographing this post!

I began creating my business cards by checking the measurements on Moo and then opening a blank document on Photoshop. I wanted to have a minimalist design that I wouldn't out grow and one that I felt portrayed my blog and Instagram account. So I decided on a simplistic marble background and used black writing so it was easy to read. I spent ages scrolling through DaFont choosing two fonts which I liked and then downloaded them to be able to use them on Photoshop. Once my design was complete I simply saved it as a JPEG. 

On the Moo site I chose the original business card option, which is 350GSM. Then I just clicked that I wanted to design my own cards and finally I clicked to upload the image I saved from Photoshop. 

50 cards - £13.19
Shipping UK - £3.25 (cheapest option)

They do a student discount so I managed to save a few pounds from the prices above!

They arrived 5 days earlier than expected, so you really don't need to splurge on the quicker delivery postage! They arrived in a sturdy box, which you can use to display them in and it also means they're protected. The quality of the paper feels really premium and sturdy, I am so impressed and definitely recommend!!

I hope you like the design I created! If you're at all interested in having help designing your business cards feel free to get in touch and I can provide a designing service!

Moo website LINK



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