Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Lifestyle | March Favourites - Make-up ~ Skincare ~ #GlamourBeautyFestival ~ Friends

Another month is done and dusted.... it will nearly be a year since I graduated university and I am still trying to get a permanent paid job! Someone send the job giving fairy my way please :) Anyway, here are my favourites from the month of March!


The Glamour Beauty Festival was amazing! Definitely book onto it next year if you've never been. It was a day of being pampered, there were companies there to do your hair, nails, make-up and skincare. In addition there were also some fantastic talks to go too, it was hard to decide whether to go to a talk or queue up for a treatment! Then the cherry on top of it all was the amazing goody bag which you can see HERE.

My Friends! This is kind of a strange thing to add in but with the whole not having a job situation I've really relied on my friends to keep my spirits up! I've never been someone to have a huge group of friends and I think that's why I not only expect a lot from my friends but I know I'd be there for them no matter when or where. This month I've had some lovely outings with my boyfriend, Tom, and my two best friends, Beckyboo and Niamh.

Make-up / Skincare

Estee Edit Pore Vanishing Moisturiser - I am loving using this in my daily make-up routine as I suffer with oily skin. I have tried quite a few different primers and this is the only one that's actually managed to control and reduce my oily T-Zone. I also find this helps to blur my pores and create a smoother base to apply foundation.

GHD Advanced Split End Therapy - I normally just use an oil on my hair to help condition it and create a smooth look but recently I've been using this serum on the ends of my hair. It's nice to think I am helping the ends of my hair and this stuff smells amazing, like you've just left the hairdresser!

Pixi Glow Mist - I am really getting into Pixi skincare and this glow mist is no exception! I really enjoy skin care products which I can spray onto my face, as it means I don't need to touch my skin and risk spreading germs. This Glow Mist is lovely to hydrate your skin before applying make-up to create a healthy glow, whilst not becoming shiny.

So there are my favourite bits and bobs from this month! I hope you enjoyed this post!


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