Sunday, 19 March 2017

Lifestyle | Where I blog? Desk Tour

There is nothing better for a little room inspiration than taking a sneak peak into other peoples! So today I am showing you where I blog, in other words my desk tour!

Plastic Unit - Hobby Craft | Desk - IKEA | Chair - IKEA | Taotronics LED Light - Amazon

A little overview to begin... my desk is actually all separate, so the top is balanced on a set of drawers on one side and two legs on the other. I bought all of these from IKEA and it was the best way to create a desk to fit the space I had. The chair is also from IKEA and it's surprisingly very comfortable! Next to my desk I have a colourful plastic unit from Hobby Craft and in there I keep all of my sewing supplies.

Calendar - The Works | Pink Glass bowl - Waitrose | Planner - PersonalPlanner | Pride and Prejudice Mug - Amazon | Smashing Sophie Mug - PicClick

I use the plastic unit as a continuation of the desk so I don't clutter the surface of the actual desk. I have a clipboard style calendar, which comes in really handy for Favourites posts, a little pink glass bowl with a hand cream, hand sanitiser and lipbalm. I also leave my planner out as it makes it a lot easier to reach for. Then on the desk I have two favourite mugs, one is of course Pride and Prejudice and the other is one I've had since I was a child. I keep all my pretty fine liners, gel pens, coloured pencils and glitter pens here.

Flow magazines - Whsmith | Unicorn Dish - Primark

I also use my window as a continuation of the desk, it's really nice to have things on different levels leaving the desk clear for me to work at. On the left side I have my collection of Flow books, they are a great company which create arty magazines, such as their sketchbook, mindfulness book and paper lovers book. Then I have this Unicorn, which purely sits here because it's pretty.

Acrylic Storage - Muji | Vaselines - Boots throughout the years |  Roberts Play10 Radio - Amazon

In the middle of the window I display some of my favourite Polaroids, which I have decorated with washie tape. Then on either side I have two of my favourite postcards as they make me smile. On the far right I keep my Vaseline collection in a clear Muji storage box, I just love all the designs and bright colours and I also don't use them so wanted them on display. Finally on top of the storage box is my very pretty and practical portable radio.

So there we are! I hope you enjoyed seeing where I type from and like the little set up I created. I have tried to give a direct link to all I can, otherwise I have mentioned the store I bought them from.



  1. What a cute blogging space! My desk has been put together from seperate ikea pieces too! xx


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