Wednesday, 22 March 2017

#BlogConLDN Scarlett London Event March 2017

Last Saturday I headed into Westminster for Scarlett London's #BlogConLDN event. This is the first one of her events which I've attended and I loved it! It's seriously impressive that she arranged such a fab day with great brands, talks and goodies. So I thought I'd share with you a little about the event, so you can have an idea if you want to go to future ones, I know I do!

We all got given a goody bag with a mix of health, beauty and food items inside, in addition to this as we walked around the room all the brands were handing out products to try.

I actually went to the event alone and had planned to meet Naomi from Girlwithanobsession before hand and then we also met Jennifer from Ginevrella at the event and we went round in a little trio. They are both really lovely, so make sure to check out their blogs! One of my favourite things about blogging events is being able to meet other bloggers and being able to chat all things blogger related!

 It was a  really great experience to be able to mingle with brands and be introduced to new products! I am enjoying trying out all the things I got given! Some of the brands that were there were, ChiChi, Loveincltd, Alfa Italia, Strong Sexy Hair, Forever, Lola's Apothecary, Exuviance and Natural World.

There were also talks happening giving advice about blogging etc, I went to one from Naomi Victoria about how to turn your blog into a Youtube channel. All of the talks were really beneficial, it would have been great to have them a bit more spaced out from each other and some more chairs added, so I could have gone to more!

I really loved the entire event, it was really well put together and I felt at ease mooching about. If you're thinking about going to a blog event soon but are going alone, just do it! You're bound to find some other bloggers to chat to and it's a lot of fun. I would say make sure to eat before you go as it'a a long day without food!


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