Sunday, 12 March 2017

Lifestyle | My stay at the nitenite Birmingham

I popped down/up (geography is not a strong point of mine) to Birmingham for a short break using a buyagift voucher. We decided to stay at the nitenite hotel, which is a hotel designed for people staying in cities for a short amount of time and only coming back to the hotel room to sleep.

The entrance of the hotel is really lovely, with lots of comfy chairs and books. There is also a magazine rack and leaflets of things to do in the area, which is always handy. All of the people who we spoke to on reception were really lovely and helpful. The hotel does offer a small breakfast which is £4.50 and consists of a muffin or croissant, a piece of fruit, tea or coffee and a cereal bar. It is a little bit of a strange breakfast and as we were given it in a brown cardboard box it reminded me of school trip lunches!

The room is minute and there isn't any room to walk around, which is why it is suited to people who are on a short city break and are spending almost all of their day wondering around and not wanting to relax in their room. Also it's important to note that none of the rooms have windows, there is a channel on the TV where you can see outside.

The lights are all controlled on the panel on the wall and then most of the room is taken up by a comfortable bed.

At the end of the bed there is a decent sized TV

Then there is a small desk, with a great mirror! Tea and coffee making services are also supplied. The room has two sockets under the desk, which was plenty. There is no wardrobe or any drawers to put your clothes in, there are two hooks near the door which we used for our coats. Your suitcase, shoes and any other bags can be kept neatly under the bed.

The bathroom was a wet room, which is a strange experience! I do much prefer having a separate shower section as it means no soggy socks when you walk into the bathroom later. Again, there is a great mirror in the bathroom and they also provide a travel sized shower gel. Also it was a very lovely modern power shower which was like a rainfall!

This hotel reminds me of the Premier Inn Hub, although it is lacking in windows, blockbuster films, technology and a 'proper' bathroom. I think I'd stay here again if it was convenient but I wouldn't go out of my way to stay in one, unlike the Premier Inn Hub which was that big bigger and more high tech.

They offer single rooms and standard double rooms and the hotel also has 11 apartments which look really lovely. The average price to stay for one night is around £52, whilst the apartment is roughly averaged at £170.

nitenite hotel LINK


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