Monday, 13 March 2017

Lifestyle | #GlamourBeautyFestival The goody bag 2017

I had such a fabulous morning at the #GlamourBeautyFestival on Sunday and I can't wait for next years event! I didn't take any pictures at the event as I was too busy mooching about and being pampered but I wanted to to tell you a little about it and give you a look at the goody bag. The festival was held at the Saatchi gallery and you could buy either a AM, PM or all day ticket for Saturday or Sunday. The doors opened at 9:30am and I queued up outside from about 9:10am, which meant I was one of the first people in, so straight away I had a manicure by Cheeky , then I headed down to the hair room and had my hair braided (I'll show you that in another post), whilst I let me nails dry. After my hair was finished it was about 10:15am and the queues had formed! The skincare and make-up rooms definitely seemed the busiest, so I think it's a good idea to prioritise what you want to do. I also went to one talk in the day by Winnie Harlow. 

As you can see the goody bag was incredibly impressive! Everyone who bought a ticket (which cost £47 for half day and £70ish for full day) was gifted a red canvas tote filled to the brim with beauty products which are worth £200. I am so excited to start trying everything!

Let me know if you went along and what your favourite part was!



  1. Wow what an amazing goodie bag! Glad you had a good time xx

    1. Yes, really amazing!! Thank you and thank you for always reading my posts and commenting tons :)

  2. It sounds like a great beauty event. The goody bag looks amazing and looks like really good value alongside the ticket :)

    - Kate x
    A British Sparkle

    1. Yes indeed! It's such a plus to get a great goody bag!


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