Sunday, 8 January 2017

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Finding the perfect planer is a task, I always go to the usual suspects and look through the choice at hand. However, they never seem to meet my requirements! So this year I have gone back to the trusted Personal Planner company to design a planner specifically how I want it to look.

Starting with the front and back cover you are able to choose different images, quotes or upload your own images. You can easily add text over all of the options and they're are a range of fonts and colours to choose from. I decided to keep the diary minimal with an on-trend marble print cover and then I chose a mint green shade font. 

Next you have the option of adding the elastic which keeps your journal together. I picked the same colour as the font to make it all match nicely together.

With the planner you are given a large sheet of stickers, this is a great addition to the planner and something they haven't always done. I love using stickers to make the journal pretty! The first page also allows you to write a little note with your contact details if you accidentally misplace it.

When it comes to the inside of the planner you can choose the colour of the ruler, I also made this the same colour as the font on the front.

There are a few different layouts to choose from for the inside of the planner, I like to have all the week spread over two pages so I can see how the week looks. I chose the top to be grey with little stars along the edges and then to have very faint grey lines along the sections. At the bottom of the pages there is a large option of choices to choose from eg the weather, meal planner etc and I decided to have two to do lists.

For the back of the diary there are lots of options to choose from, such as, overviews of different years, colouring in pages, squared paged, blank pages, lined pages and even Sudoku! I decided to have an overview of the year, which is a great place to list birthdays etc, then to have an address book and finally ruled paper.

Whilst online it is also possible to fill out any special dates so they can be printed for you, I just personally really enjoy going through a new planner and hand writing things in!

The entire process of designing your own planner is incredibly easy and simple and there are numerous sizes to choose from, in addition to wall hangers and notebooks. They make wonderful gifts for yourself and friends! 

Make sure to head over to their website personal-planner

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