Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Lifestyle / My stay at the Royal Bath Hotel, Bournemouth

So, here is the last of the Bournemouth holiday posts! You would have seen my Premier Inn review HERE, and after that hotel we popped across the road to the Royal Bath Hotel, where we stayed for 3 nights. I thought I'd share our experience of staying here as it has quite an entertaining story.

I've now been away on holiday with Tom 3 times and every time as soon as we have checked into the hotel I immediately like to choose my side of the bed (always away from the door, so when the intruders come in Tom can shield me). Whilst Tom always runs himself a bath! So he went about his normal hotel ritual of running a bath and I can hear him talking to himself saying 'ewww'. The water was coming out of the taps a murky brown colour. He rang reception and was told to just run it through and it should clear itself. Although after a few attempts and no luck the very helpful and friendly maintenance men came by and they upgraded us to the most wonderful room!

Apparently the dirty water was because it's such an old hotel that the pipes are rusting. Not all of the rooms are on the same piping so the room we upgraded to had crystal clear water.

The room we started in was your basic hotel room, this room (number 244, if you want to request it) was simply amazing! So I'll give you a little tour! Next to the door is a huge bed, I think it's two twin beds pushed together and it was really comfy!

In the corner there was a small bathroom with your every day needs! There were a few wrapped bars of soaps and a shower gel in a pump but no other toiletries given. The bath and shower were both really nice too. The towels were pretty small, so I magically acquired a few extra ones as I'd have to use around three at a time!

Next, there is a small window which looked out to the pier and a chest of drawers. Then a lovely dressing table which reminded me of my Bubsie's one. It was nice to sit there and get ready in the morning.

We also had a lovely sitting area with two comfy arm chairs, overlooking our balcony and rather wonderful view!

Then on the other side of the room there was a TV and a large wardrobe!

This was our view! The weather wasn't great but we could see the pretty garden and the sea. I am sure it will look so serene in the Summer.

So the room included WIFI, TV,  kettle, tea, coffee, fan, hairdryer and spare pillows. There is ample amount of storage in this room and you could comfortable stay here for a long vacation, The breakfast was just over £10 and we again decided that was a little too pricey so we opted for making our own using the kettle provided and we also even popped into Bournemouth Uni one day for their infamous £2.95 cooked breakfast!  The hotel also has a spa, swimming pool and gym, at a cheeky daily rate of £4. There is a bar and evening entertainment on certain nights, we saw a singer which was pleasant.

Most of the staff were very welcoming and helpful, we did find the women on the front desk to be very blunt but I am unsure if that was a language barrier. We both really enjoyed our stay at the Royal Bath Hotel and would happily stay again.


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