Sunday, 18 December 2016

Beauty | Fairy Dust Dusting Powder Review

I've been really enjoying having a skincare regime recently and I have heard of these Lush dusting powders for quite awhile. so when I popped in and saw they had it in my favourite scent I decided to get it! This Fairy Dust is the same scent as the entire Snow Fairy range, sickly sweet and happy!

The powder inside is basically pink talcum powder, it's incredibly soft and smells amazing! You simply sprinkle the powder over your body, once you're clean and dry, and then you smooth into your skin. I am still uncertain if I can apply this after moisturising or it's instead of, so let me know! It leaves you smelling like a candy store and makes your skin feel incredibly smooth.

One last thing...  You also shine like a fairy too!

It's definitely not an essential skincare item but I do enjoy using it when I'm going out for a special occasion. You just need to find the healthy balance between looking like you're back in the 90's and went a bit overboard with the roll on body glitter and looking like a sane person who just happens to sparkle when they hit the light.


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  1. I've never heard of these but it's always a YES to smelling like a candy shop! xx


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