Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Lifestyle / My stay at the Premier Inn HUB in Edinburgh

I hopped on the train to Edinburgh a few weeks ago to visit my friend who is at university in St Andrews. We had an amazing weekend of shopping, site seeing and disco dancing! We stayed at the Premier Inn HUB which is the most techy and up to date hotel I've ever stayed in so I thought I'd let you all know how it was!

So our room was tiny! I did peak into others as they were being cleaned and they all seemed to be the same size and layout. It's the perfect hotel for a very short stay as there really isn't much room for all your stuff!

One of the best parts of the room was this large TV which was placed at the end of the bed. You could watch all your normal channels and then you could also choose films to watch! There was a good selection of new films to choose from and Becky and I watched 'The Boss' and 'Bad Neighbours 2', both were really fun and light hearted films.

We were given two sets of towels, one on the bed and one in the bathroom! The duvet was rolled up on the bed with a tag which said the tog on. I can only think this is done because you also use the bed as a couch because there wasn't much more floor space! In addition to this we were give a complimentary bottle of water each, however this was not replaced on the second day.

So the big selling point of The HUB is their use of technology. On the headboard there is a touch screen panel where you can control the lights and room temperature. You can have all sorts of mood lighting, reading lighting and full house lights (which Becky really didn't appreciate me accidentally turning on really early). On the panel you could also click a 'don't disturb' or 'make up my room' and that would then light up on your door.

The wardrobe was so tiny! It was an open section with 5 hangers, we didn't even use it in the end. It did have a great full length mirror on the other side, which very handy for getting ready.

The bathroom was very modern and nicely done with a large rainfall shower and bowl shaped sink. Just like the Premier Inn bathrooms the door and window had a frosted glass, however the top section was just your normal glass, meaning you have to really trust the other person in your room to not peak over!! Spot Becky jumping up for my photo!

The entrance of the hotel is really nice and simplistic, it's a self check in/out service which was quick to do with the member of staff help! There is also a lounge/cafe where you can get water and unlimited tea and coffee. It looked really instagrammable and was also practical with phone charging ports. The food was incredibly pricey, with tiny sandwiches being £5.25!!!

It was a really practical hotel in a great location and it was reasonably priced. The prices change daily due to peak times to stay, one of our nights was £40 for two and the other was £70ish for two. I really had the most wonderful trip to Edinburgh and would stay in a HUB again. I'd love to know if you've ever stayed there before.


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