Sunday, 25 December 2016

Lifestyle | MERRY XMAS | What I've learnt from working in retail over the XMAS period

This year XMAS is truly a magically time of the year for me, as it means a day off work! 

I have been working as a Xmas Temp store assistant in a popular children's toy shop. I love the company and have enjoyed working there, so this post is in no way slagging off my place of work but to tell you what I've learnt from working in retail over Xmas!

1- Investing in a pair of comfy work shoes is of up most importance and this matter should not be taken lightly.

2-  People will ask you if they can have a special discount for spending a lot. They will sometimes even have sob stories or reasons like 'the tag is not on it, that's 10% off right?'. I have also been questioned numerous time why I personally have priced something so expensive!

3-  You may have applied as a shop assistant but it does appear that this job now includes also being a cleaner!

4- You're going to be exhausted, the shifts mean early starts and late finishes, so don't plan anything for your day off. Really just relax!!!

5- Before you start your contract make sure you've completed all of your Xmas shopping, after spending all your time working in retail, actually going shopping really won't entice you as much.

6- I will never ever put a product back in the wrong place in a store for the rest of my life. Amen.

7- You'll become so annoyed with the sound of your own voice after asking hundred times a day how people are, would they like a bag, gift wrap or a cheeky extra till point purchase?

8- You thought kids were cute before you have a ton of snotty, screaming little terrors running out of the shop with unpaid products under each arm.

9-  You'll learn how to work through the entire day surviving merely on the toast you had for breakfast! Whatever happened to breaks and being allowed to have a water bottle behind the till ;o

10- Although there sure seems to be a lot of bad points you will actually really enjoy getting out of bed and having a purpose. You'll make friends with the other Xmas temps and bond over your problems, you'll lean on the original full time staff for support and when you're exhausted at 7am or 10pm you'll end up sharing all sorts of stories and have a good old therapy session. Let's not forget you'll also make good money with all of the over time you'll do!

I hope everyone who is working over the XMAS period in whatever industry is able to have some time to relax and be with their family! 

I wish you all a healthy and happy Xmas and New Year



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