Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Lifestyle / 'The Stable' - Pizza, Pies & Cider

I didn't want to overload the blog with Bournemouth posts as I know you won't all be able to get there! So I chose a few parts of my holiday to share and this restaurant review was top of my list!

'The Stable' is a new restaurant in Bournemouth town centre, this building used to a be a tiny old tourist information point and they've really made it look amazing! The interior is warm and cosy with candles. Downstairs has benches and long tables which you share with other diners and upstairs is for reservations only, so I'm assuming that you get a table to yourself.  There menu consists of pizzas, pies, salads and Cider. One last point, you go to the bar to order so it has a more casual feel to it.

There is a huge book of different ciders and I don't really know which I like! So we decided to order the cider tasting board. It's actually great fun and makes the meal more into an experience. They arrived with a card explaining which cider was which and they were in order or sweetest to driest. There were two still ciders included which took me to surprise as I always think of cider being fizzy. My favourite with number 3 which was the bog standard Dorset Draft!

Now down to the important stuff!! I ordered the Blazing Saddle pizza without the bacon and jalapenos. This was seriously the yummiest pizza I've ever had, I normally play it safe with cheese and tomato but this sounded too yummy to not order! It really was lovely, definitely would go back and order it again.

Tom ordered the Lamb Bam Boogie and it was really well presented. I am not a pie fan but I really could have ordered it just to have those potato wedges! Tom said it was delicious and he'd also happily go back and order the same meal.

We had a peek at the pudding menu but nothing stood out and they were rather pricey so we decided not to order. Perhaps if we hadn't had to pay upfront we would have been more likely to order more food. We went around 5:30pm and it got really busy around 6:30pm but they were happy for us to sit and let our food go down, whilst finishing our ciders!

It really was such a lovely meal and as I said earlier, the cider tasting board definitely made it feel like an experience.

I can't wait to go to Bournemouth again and eat there again!


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