Thursday, 20 April 2017

Beauty | The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation DUPE for Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation

After having a clear out of my make-up stash I was in dire need of a new foundation! I wanted to find a light option which still gave me the desired look of flawless and healthy skin and after seeing that The Body Shop had a cheeky 3-4-2 offer, I knew it was time to try out some of their make-up products!

Fresh Nude Foundation in Bora Bora Tiare 012 - £15 - LINK

First up I love the packaging, it's in a glass bottle which makes it feel rather luxurious and the pump lid makes applying it really easy and clean. It has a simple and minimalist design which would look nice out on display and fits well in my Muji acrylic drawers.

I spent awhile pumping out the different shades in the store and frantically blending them in, after doing so many I had lost track of which ones looked good, so I was so grateful that a sale assistant came and colour matched me. This is by far the best colour foundation I've ever found and it blends in really well and doesn't make me look ghostly white. There was a good selection (16 to be precise) of pale to dark skin tone colours to choose from.

I do think this foundation is quite pricey as I see The Body Shop as a drugstore make-up brand. However, since using it and experiencing the quality of the foundation and the amazing colour match, I can understand what I am paying for.

It's a very light weight watery foundation which is probably because it's enriched with rose water and aloe vera, this makes it really hydrating and leaves a fresh feeling on my skin. Having sensitive blemish prone skin the thought of changing my foundation brings me sheer anxiety as I am unsure which products will break me out. This product is just filled with all the good stuff and it's dermatological tested so it agrees with my sensitive skin and it feels like it actually helps the texture of my skin. It has a light but build-able coverage, it doesn't cover spots perfectly but a little addition of some concealer will help that!

The finish of the foundation is semi-matte with a fresh faced glow, which makes you look healthy, young and like you've just taken a walk through the mud (aye aye Pride and Prejudice reference). I am used to wearing completely matte foundations and this finish works so much better for my skin! It lasts all day, which just never happens for me. and it helps combat my shiny T-Zone whilst also being really moisturising on any dry areas. Another fantastic thing is that this foundation has SPF 15 so it adds a little bit of protection to your face.

I'd definitely recommend trying this foundation out and I can tell this is now going to be my 'go to' product.

Thank you for reading my post and I hope you enjoyed it! I'd love to know what products you recommend from The Body Shop.


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  1. I haven't tried this foundation before but I'd love to give it a go. The Body Shop sell some of my favourite skincare products, yet I've never tried any of their makeup! I'm intrigued by the fact that this foundation gives you a semi-Matte finish yet a healthy glow at the same time. It sounds right up my street! :)

    Charlotte //


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