Sunday, 9 October 2016

Lifestyle / Stationery Haul ~ Primark/Muji/Whsmith/PoundLand/Sainsburys

It's time to talk about one of my biggest loves of all, stationery! I can't get enough of the stuff, it seems I can't walk into a store without being drawn to another glittery notebook. Over a few months I have added to my over flowing desk drawer and I thought I'd share with y'll.

Gel Pens - £9.95 - Muji
Trolls Biro - £2.00 - Primark

Starting it off with pens, I bought this amazing kit of 12 0.5ml fine liners from Muji. They are by far the best gel pens I've ever had and there are a lot of colours to choose from. I love using them to colour code my diary eg, orange for appointments, blue for to do list, Pink for social, purple for work etc. It makes the page a lot prettier and helps me become a lot more organised! I also couldn't resist this rather tacky but wonderful Trolls biro from Primark. After the release of the Mac Trolls collection I've become a fan of these colourful creatures and thought this pen would be perfect for my handbag, mainly cause it's easy to find!

 3 Notebook Set - £3.00 - Primark

 Notebook - £2.50 - Primark

 Notebook - £2.50 - Primark

Continuing with the Primark theme I couldn't leave the store without this wonderful selection of notebooks! It may seem a little excessive but in my defence I do actually get through notebooks quickly as I use them for to do lists, notes at work, journals etc. The first three came in a set and are the perfect size to pop in your handbag to take to work, galleries etc. They are also really pretty, so they look smart and fashionable whilst you look intelligent by taking notes! Next up are the most ostentatious glittery things y'll ever see but they are just so charming I had to get them! Also I'd like to point out that both of these notebooks have a plastic cover over the glitter notebook with the design of the polka dot/ unicorn so after I've finished these notebooks I can slip them onto another A5 notebook. All of these notebooks are lined inside and the only one that's slightly strange inside is the Unicorn one because it says 'Dream On' and has a little unicorn picture in purple.

 Stickers - 2 sheets for £1 - PoundLand

A little trip to Pound Land always promises stickers ! I really think they have one of the best selections of stickers. In addition to this wonderful pin up inspired nautical sheet I bought and already used an amazing Unicorn and rainbows sheet, so make sure to keep an eye out there.

 Diary - £9.99 - Whsmith

It took me awhile to find a diary for next year and as my current diary ended July 2016 I needed one quick! After a long search I found one in Whsmith. I love the bright and fun design on the front and that it's a day a page. I have tons of room to write what's happening each day. I generally like to write aims, train times I need to get that day, activities/work, blog posts, even tv programmes I want to watch! So I definitely need a lot of room. I'm bound to get my moneys worth, as it will last all year... oh I'm so funny ;p

Weekly Planner - £5.00 - Sainsburys

Last but not least in addition to a diary I like to have a weekly planner on my desk so that I can clearly see what my week is looking like. I can also cross the days off as I go along to make sure I stay organised! This one from Sainsburys is great as it's not dated so if a week is looking really quiet I don't waste any paper by not filling in the planner. I also think supermarkets offer great stationery at a much more reasonable price and definitely somewhere to check out. 

If you're anything like me you would have loved looking at all these different notebooks, stickers, diary's and pens. I'd love to know where you like to shop for stationery and link me to any stationery hauls which you've done.

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  1. I love that pink polka dot notebook - I never think to look in Primark for stationery. Will keep an eye out for stickers in Poundland too. I do love a little stationery haul!


    1. Yes I forget Primark too! they're are always shoved in a corner and hard to dig through to find the good ones.


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