Sunday, 2 October 2016

Lifestyle / Films you have to watch today!

Before we start on today's post I shall point out I have decided to change the font of my blog posts to 'Times' as I think it's easier to read!

I was thinking what my viewers get up to on the days which my posts go live and I think Sundays are a day for relaxing and being plain lazy! So in case you've got a movie afternoon ahead of you and aren't sure what to watch, here is a list of my favourite films for some inspiration! As you'll see there is a real mix of classics, fairy-tales and chic flicks so I hope you'll find something that you like. 

Testament of Youth

Based on a true story about Vera Britton. A determined young lady who wants to further her education and go to Oxford University, in order to become an author. However, as war breaks out and all the men around her are being sent to the front she puts her dreams on hold to do her bit, by becoming a nurse. This heart wrenching film conveys Brittons fighting spirit whilst she slowly looses all that is dear to her.

Pretty Women

An 80's chick flick with a deeper moral of respecting yourself and not judging people by how they look. A prostitute gets lucky but not in the assumed way! She managed to get coupled with a wealthy business man. When they get to know each other and he looks passed her exterior, they realise theirs more than meets the eye.


Set in 1950's an Irish girl leaves her family and ventures to America by ship. Whilst there she experiences a very different life to what she's used to and meets a boy. However, when she is called back to Ireland she finds herself in a dilemma of where home really is.

Dirty Dancing

The all time feel good film ever! A well brought up middle class white family take a car trip to their favourite holiday destination. It promises fun fayre games, karaoke, rain and this time one on one dance lessons. Baby, Francis, wants a little more independence and after running into the staff quarters finds herself becoming interested in the dance teacher. There's mix up and mayhem and a tad of prejudice but nothing that a good dance routine and a pretty pink dress can't fix.

Confessions Of A Shopaholic

This is a fantastic film adaptation of the wonderful books by Sophie Kinsella. Follow in the footsteps of Becky Bloomwood and her downfalls with her shopping addiction. Whilst she tries to follow her dreams and work for a top fashion magazine she finds herself as a columnist for a finance magazine. Throughout this all she of course finds a wonderful man, however she attracts attention from a stalker, in the form of Derek Smeath, a debt collector. Hilarious, romantic and feel good film.


We all know how a pair of shoes can change your life, yet the 2015 Cinderella taught us that the real magic was being kind. This is the most beautiful, raw and honest version of Cinderella we've ever been given and that stunningly luxurious blue gown actually gave me goose bumps in the cinema!

The Theory of Everything

Set in the 1960s, we follow Cambridge student Stephen Hawking as he falls in love with Jane Wilde. Although at the young age of 21 Hawking learns that he has motor neuron disease, meaning his new wife needs to care for him whilst he begins his study of time. This romantic and tear-jerking film is sure to keep you gripped.


If you want something fun and light-hearted then this is your winner! Hairspray is set in 1960s Baltimore, Tracy Turnblad is desperate to join her TV heroes on the 'The Corny Collins Show' and she's out to prove that size, race and background doesn't matter, bringing racial integration to the originally all white show.

I hope you've managed to pick a film for today and added a few to your 'to watch' list!


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