Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Review / Beauty / Beautyblender vs Primark Blender

I am pretty certain that you've all heard/come across or own some sort of make up sponge. This year was the rise of the Beautyblender, an egg shaped sponge which can be dampened or used dry to apply make up. It helps to create a flawless base as the make up sits on the sponge, meaning you don't cake too much on. 

I was quick to jump on the bandwagon and decided to try the Beautyblender micro mini kit. I liked the idea of trying their smaller blender as I could use it in areas such as, under my eyes, around my nose and chin. So what makes the Beautyblender more than a sponge? Their open cell structure which means when it's soaked it fills with water. This makes it double in size and means your make-up sits on top of the sponge so you will waste less product. 

Recently all the drugstore brands have been copying these extremely popular beauty tool. I've had a nosy at a few of them but haven't liked that a lot of them have one slanted edge. However, when I popped into Primark recently I saw this box of four small blenders and they looked exactly the same as the micro mini Beautyblenders and for £2.50 I thought I'd give them a chance!

 Beautyblender Micro Mini Kit x2 - £14.50 (£7.25 each) - LINK
PS PRO Non Latex Mini Blender x 4 - £2.50 (63p each)

The first thing to discuss is of course the mahusive price difference! Primark are selling their kit of 4 blenders for £2.50, which means each blender is 63p. Whilst Beautyblender are selling theirs for £14.50, so they are £7.25 each. This means that there is a £6.62 price difference. So I wanted to put them both to the test and see if it's worth paying the difference or if this is a beauty tool that can be cheap and cheerful.

I think you can even see from the photo that the blender on the left looks softer than the one on the right. The Primark blender is literally rock solid and actually hurts to apply your make up with. It's doesn't apply the make up smoothly and I resorted to my index finger to help blend in my concealer. It's a shame that Primark haven't quite mastered the design as they are so much more reasonable and you'd think that a sponge was a sponge right!?

Unfortunately for this beauty tool it looks like you're gunna have to splurge in order to get that flawless finish.


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