Sunday, 25 September 2016

Fashion / Embroidered Denim Levi Jacket made by me ~ A chance for you to have one too!

I am sure you've seen embroidered denim sneaking into the highstreet and high-end stores. It's a look which I love and I decided to create a completely unique, one off design for me. I bought the Levi jacket from Brick Lane market and then I got to work designing the embroidery before spending a week hand sewing each petal, stem and leaf!


I love hand embroidery and have made many smaller designs in hoops and frames, check out my Instagram @sophiepearlcreates to see more of my work. I enjoy making the design come alive by using shading and different stitches to add texture to the work. Nature is a great topic to embroider as the colours and prettiness lend itself nicely to stitching, however I have also sewn objects such as fruit, unicorn, popcorn, nail varnish and letters with a mix of threads and sequins.

It's a brilliant way of staying one step ahead of the trends as you can have any design you'd like on your clothes. 

If you'd like to create a completely unique wardrobe then give me a private message on my work Facebook page @sophiepearlcreates and we can discuss prices, designs and all the details! I'd love to help to transform your wardrobe into something spectacular which is sure to turn heads.


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