Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Review / Eyelure Brow Stencil

Eyebrows are a bit of a touchy subject with me as when I was younger when I got a little anxious I found myself pulling out the hairs. My mummy warned me that I'd live to regret it but at the time I found it quite calming, so carried on. Since the trend for full, thick arched brows, my sparse brows have been hiding away under different powders and crayons. I thought it was about time that I spent a little longer with them and tried to create the most natural and real looking shape I could achieve. So I invested in the Eylure Brow stencils.

Eylure Brow Stencil - £4.96 - LINK

I looked at quite a few different makes of eyebrow stencils as I wasn't fussed which brand they were. I decided to go with Eylure because they had the best selection of arches and their stencils are made from soft plastic. This makes them flexible around your brow and also means they have a better chance of lasting forever. This is a beauty tool that I don't want to have to re-purchase a lot, so they needed to be re-usable.

I wasn't too sure what shape arch was going to fit mine so I just placed each of them over my brow and chose the one which suited mine the most. The chosen stencil is the low arch. I was quite surprised by this as when I draw my brows in free hand,  I normally create quite a pronounced arch, but that's obviously not the correct shape for my face.

The stencils are quite long so I positioned it nearer to the centre of the forehead so it wouldn't end to far down my face. Just to note I didn't fill the entire stencil in, I started it around 1/3 inwards as that's where my brows start.

They do recommend that you use a powder to fill in the stencil but I only had a Soap and Glory tint and crayon at hand, so I went with that. I can see why a powder would work better as it was tricky to get the crayon into the entirety of the stencil. However, it did work and it created a very natural shape. Once I lifted the stencil away I went in with the tint to sharpen the edge just a tiny amount.

The stencils make the whole process a lot easier and quicker and you definitely get a better shaped brow. I shall be using them on a daily bases and I shall try to use some different eyebrow products to fill them in.

I'd love to know what you think of these stencils!


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