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My mummy has spent many a holiday nagging me to apply more sun cream and I think her wise words have sunken in (oo haha I didn't even try to be that clever, I'm so punny). Being aware of the sun and looking after yourself is so important! If you're a Londoner, like myself, the Sun isn't something we see often and I am guilty of getting my limbs out with the first glance of sunshine. My skin is practically screaming out for some Vitamin D. However, as I am pale and not used to being in the sunshine I think I have to be particularly careful when I go on Sunny holidays. So without further a do here is my  must have sunny holiday skincare products.

Nivea Factor 50 Sun Cream £8.00 LINK

Obviously you need a good Sun Cream! I trust Nivea for my body sun cream as I've always used it. I remember having the coloured waterproof sprays when I was younger so you could see where it was, although you can easily see this one as it's white! I also always use Factor 50. I've gone on many Summer Camps in hot climates and my friends are applying Factor 15 once a day and I would re-apply Factor 50 every time we'd stop for a drink or what not, they'd be so jealous and confused with how I was tanning better than them. You all need to get the idea that a higher factor means less of a tan out of your head! Sun Cream has nothing to do with tanning, it's about creating a protective shield between you and sun rays. If you don't wear enough sun cream or a high enough factor for the heat you're in, you'll just fry and burn, which prematurely ages your skin and of course heightens your chance of skin cancer.

Sun Sense Daily Face Invisible Tint Finish SPF 50 - £20.00 LINK

I have really sensitive skin and sun cream doesn't help! I struggled with trying to allow my skin to breathe on holiday and gain some vitamin D to clear any spots, whilst I'd inevitably perspire and the oily sun cream would sink into my pours. For my last two Summer holidays I used the Oil Free Sun Sense Daily Face Invisible Tint Finish, which is also factor 50. This is an Australian brand and if anyone knows about skin care I'd say it's the Australians, so I was confident to give this a go. I really enjoyed using this product and I've never burnt whilst applying this correctly. However, I still find that it was making my skin really shiny throughout the day and I just didn't feel pretty whilst I wanted to take nice holiday pictures. So this year I am going to invest in their face sun cream for sensitive skin which promises to be mattifying! I'll let you know how I get on with it.

Asda Protect Lip Salve SPF 30 - £1.50 LINK

Only recently have I realised that you need to protect your lips too, as they can obviously also burn. I am lucky that mine haven't ever burnt as that must be incredibly painful and let's be honest that would probably ruin your holiday! However, just like when it's cold in London my lips get very dry in the heat. I decided to give Asdas own make a go as after reading the ingredients it seemed the same as branded lip balms and yet it was half the price. The highest factor I could find for a lip balm was SPF 30, so that must be okay for this area of skin. It's a completely clear balm and very moisturising, you could definitely apply this under another lip product in the evening too.

Nivea Moisturising After Sun Lotion - £6.00 LINK

After a long day in the sun there is nothing better than a cooling shower and applying this after sun over your entire body. I choose not to apply it on my face as my skin is very sensitive there. This product has Aloe Vera in which makes it extra moisturising and if you are slightly burnt then it's really cooling on the skin and helps to restore your skin. This also absorbs really quickly so you can apply it and get dressed straight away after and onto the evening activity! I am not entirely sure how but it does promise to help increase the longevity on your tan too!

Dove Maximum Protection Deodorant - £4.99 LINK

I am planning on writing an entire review on this deodorant, so shall just briefly mention it here. If you're not used to warmer climates you shall probably perspire more on holiday. I love exploring the towns and my surroundings but don't want to feel like I need to keep my arms by my side due to smelling! This deodorant has 48 hour staying power and it's advised to be applied after your evening shower and that it will last until the next evening. It has a very delicate smell, so you can apply your own perfume if you please. It's also a cream deodorant which is amazing if you have dry or sensitive armpits.

Jungle Formula Maximum Insect Repellent Spray - £9.00 LINK

This stuff is expensive! This bottle cost £9 and I can see why that would make people skip this step. However on my last holiday and on most holidays I've been too I get eaten alive! Not only do the bites look revolting they also bloody hurt! I find I only get bitten in the evening, so I'll spritz this on my limbs and face for the evening entertainment etc. It's not the most pleasant smelling product but I think it's worth it for your happiness and comfort throughout your holiday! I'd also advise wearing this in the day if you're going to a park etc and if you're on a camping holiday. It does come in different strengths and I decided to go for the highest as I do get bitten badly and usually have allergic reactions to the bites which lead to my entire limb swelling. This product also says it will last up to 9 hours so should protect you whilst you're sleeping in case any insects get in your room!

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it interesting and helpful. Make sure to comment your must have skincare product!


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