Sunday, 12 June 2016

Review / Topshop Contour Range

Topshop make up has always baffled me as I'm usually not one to trust make up lines made by clothes brands, however I have seen a lot of hype around their contour range. After doing my good share of research and reading reviews I thought I'd go for it and try some bits out. They have a few more products in the range but I was mainly interested in their contour wand and lip contour.


I am not heavily into contouring, it's not something that's part of my daily make up routine, however sometimes it's nice to have a little more definition. I have tried a few other contour products by other brands and just haven't got on with them. The powders never seem to be the correct shade and the creams never seem to blend smoothly. This cream contour wand by Topshop is the exception! Firstly I love the packaging, it's very sleek looking and also is a smooth product to use. To get more product, trust me there is a lot of product, you just simply twist the bottom of the stick. On the other side there is a fab sponge to blend the product on your skin. This makes the application so much easier and also means one less brush is needed in your make up bag. This comes in two shades, 'Shapes' and 'Angles'. I personally feel that the names of the products do let them down, it's not obvious which to choose especially if you're ordering online. I actually ended up with choosing the darker shade called 'Shapes' as it complimented the tones in my skin a lot more. The lighter shade came across looking quite muddy with a slight green tinge, whilst the darker is solid chocolate brown. It does blend out completely so you're never left with a harsh dark brown line, just a subtle shadow. 


Contouring your lips is something I've never even considered, although I am pretty sure this is just your average lip liner re-branded. This too comes in two shades, 'Frame' and 'Outline' and I got it in 'Frame'. I have been after a 'your lips but better' lip liner to wear alone and with Mac Velvet Teddy for awhile, I didn't really want to buy a Mac one due to their prices, so was looking for a drugstore dupe. 'Frame' is a brown/nude and definitely works well with Velvet Teddy and if you want a drugstore lipstick dupe I'd say it works well with Maybelline Colour Drama Velvet Lip Pencil in Nude Perfection. 'Outline' is a much paler shade with an almost lilac finish to it, this would work well with a pale pink lipstick over the top. There is a lot of product inside this liner and again you just twist the bottom to get more. It's a very smooth consistency but does feel quite drying.

I'd definitely recommend both of these products, If I was to pick one I'd say choose the contour wand. I am sure if you spent long enough in Boots you could find a very similar lip liner. Also remember to use your student card to get 10% off your purchases from Topshop.


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