Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Review / W7 'In The City' ~ Natural Nudes Eye Colour Palette

W7 In The City Eye Shadow Palette - £3.99

After hitting pan in my much loved Soap and Glory quad palette and realising that for some silly reason they are no longer selling them, my hunt for a replacement began. I decided to try this mini palette by W7, I am actually a fan of their eyeshadows and have another of their palettes. They have a varied range of palettes to choose from but so far only two mini ones. The first being the one I've chosen 'In The City' which is an array of all matte warm toned eyeshadows. Their other palette of this size has cooler and ashier shades, which don't work well with my pale complexion. 

This palette is truly the perfect everyday eyeshadow palette. The six shades gradually and very subtly move down the colour spectrum, making all of the colours easy to blend together. They are very soft shadows and highly pigmented. They are so easy to use and you can create subtle or more dramatic looks with a dark crease colour. 

On an average day I apply Troy over my entire lid. Next I mix Touch and Autumn in the crease for a little bit of definition and finally I apply Wigwam under my brow bone and inner eye as a highlight. For an evening look I do mostly the same, but I mix Autumn and Andrea in the crease for a smokier look.

I definitely recommend this palette! It's so reasonably priced for 6 shades, which are easily bendable, versatile and wearable. What's not to love?! Let me know if you like anything in the W7 brand.

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