Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Lifestyle / Make up & Beauty Hacks and Tips

I decided to put together a few of my make up/ beauty hacks and tips to share with you. Hopefully at least one of these will help one of you!

Pump foundation finishing really quickly? - once it's finished unscrew the cap as there's definitely more product in the bottom. You can easily get the foundation out using the pump and put it on the back on your hand, ready to use.

Scared to use an eyelash curler? - simply apply your mascara and then use your index finger to curl top lashes upwards by pushing the lashes up.

Clumpy mascara? - Take a clean wand or wipe off the excess from your mascara then wiggle it along your eyelashes instead of swiping it upwards this will help any clumps to cling onto the wand.

Can't make perfect eyebrows? - After you've filled them in, take a make up wipe and go around the edges to get a clean and neat line. This technique obviously means that you'll have to do your eyebrows before your foundation.

Foundation not blending well? - Apply foundation to the centre of your face and blend outwards in circular motions.

Can't cover blemishes? -  Use a stippling brush and dab the foundation into your skin so you don't just move the product and bacteria around your face.

You can't smell your perfume by the end of the day? - Perhaps spraying it on your wrists and neck isn't really the best place. How about spritzing your hair and then you'll get a surprise whiff when you swish your locks.

Dealing with combination skin? - Use different products on different sections of your face to work for how that skin is! You may look a bit strange with different coloured face masks on your T-Zone and cheeks but you won't regret it after!

I hope you enjoyed this post and found some of these hacks and tips handy!

The next post will be next Wednesday



  1. I love the eyebrows tip, I will definitely try it! :)


  2. I love the eyebrows tip, I will definitely try it! :)



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