Sunday, 28 February 2016

Lifestyle / What's on my phone tag

I've noticed the 'What's on my phone tag' on blogs and YouTube channels a lot recently and thought as I am in the mood to blog, but there is no light as its 7pm, it would be the perfect time to jump on the bandwagon. So my phone is the Iphone 4s, pretty ancient in the phone world but it serves me well. Although if anyone offers to get me the Iphone 5 I'd happily upgrade!

  •  As you can see I was telling the truth about the time, look at me staying up late on a Saturday! My lock screen image is a poloroid I took on my Instax of my boyfriend, Tom, and me. 

  • My background picture is another favourite of Tom and me. Then on the bottom tab I have my emails, which as you can see I don't check too often, phone, Imessage and finally Facebook message.

  • The next page has many apps which Apple automatically downloads to your phone and doesn't let you delete! Like when am I ever going to use the health app haha. On this page I do use the clock, photo and camera.

  • The final page has even more apps that Apple has downloaded on my behalf! I have made two folders filled with apps I've chosen to help my phone be a little more orgnaised. I also have the outlook email app for my university emails and then the Payfriendz app which is an easy and secure way to pay your friends money you owe them.

  • The first folder is named 'Editing' and has the two apps I use to edit my Instagram pictures. I used to always use InstaSize but now am starting to prefer Whitagram. Whitagram is so easy to use and has a really great array of tools which are usually found on software's like Photoshop.

  • The other folder is named 'Social' and has my Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. I have WhatsApp to only chat to my best friend in America. Then the other three are used all day everyday!

I hope you enjoyed this post and enjoyed having a little bit of a nosey!!


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