Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Review / Soap and Glory One Heck Of A Blot Primer

Soap and Glory One Heck Of A Blot - £10 - LINK

Never before has a primer drawn me in, but I have a soft spot for Soap and Glory and decided to give their One Heck Of A Blot primer a chance. I always thought primers were a myth and just a thin gloopy moisturiser. However, I have now been using this primer for 6 weeks and I automatically reach for it before applying make up everyday. I can't even think about my make up routine not including this. I also use the blotting powder in this range and am rather tempted to give the foundation a chance.

The packaging is a 30ml tube, mirroring a moisturiser. Also I am very happy with the pale pink, hot pink and black colour palette. I went for this primer due to its mattifying feature, it claims to shrink your pours and block any shine. The consistency is a thin gel moisturiser. It's very smooth to apply and has no scent. It reminds me a lot of the Benefit Porefessional primer and it's a fraction of the price! I've been getting on with this product really well, I have sensitive skin and was concerned that it wouldn't react well but it hasn't affected my skin at all. It's smooth to apply and you can strangely tell its blurring affect on pores straight away. I normally give it a few minutes to sink into my skin before carrying on with my make up. Once it sunk in it creates a really smooth base for applying foundation to.

The longevity of this primer is fantastic, I wear a Max Factor foundation and then over that the One Heck Of A Blot powder and these products are like a match made in heaven. My normal day is applying make up at 8:00am then spending a day in a hot workroom sewing, finishing around 5:00pm and then taking my make up off around 9:00pm. I have very little shine produced throughout the day, if it's a very busy day the only area of my face that becomes slightly oily is my nose.

I'd really recommend trying this primer out, I am looking forward to trying more Soap and Glory products. What is your favourite product of theirs?


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