Sunday, 17 January 2016

Review / Original beautyblender Micro Mini

I finally caved and bought myself a beautyblender, however I decided that it would be beneficial to purchase the micro mini size as I want to use this to blend concealer under my eyes and over blemishes. I knew that the'd be small but I actually laughed out loud when I received them in the post at how small they actually are!

So after I recovered from my uncontrollable laughter I thought I should probably give them a go! I've now been using them for a week and it has dramatically changed the application of my make up. I am so surprised just how good a little tear dropped shaped sponge can be! I've been using one to blend my concealer and the other is used every now and then for liquid highlighters. It creates a much more natural finished look and allows you to use a lot less product to cover more surface area. Using a sponge definitely helps cover spots and anywhere you have dry skin.

I can't recommend these enough! I'm tempted to try out the larger size for applying foundation. Definitely worth investing in, I think they'll last quite a long time as they can be cleaned with any brand makeup brush cleanser.

Let me know if you're a beautyblender fan!



  1. I love both the micro mini and original Beauty Blender. I have tried a lot of dupes but nothing compared to the real thing. I know, it is a lot for a makeup sponge but trust me, it lasts a long time, unlike the cheaper dupes.

    1. Indeed, I feel the same so that's why I waited to buy this rather than have to get a few cheaper options and end up chucking them out and spending more overall!!!


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