Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Review / My Foundation Journey

I recently decided to have a clear out of my make up and came across some really old make up bits that I used to use religiously. Foundation was one category of products I found so I thought it would be interesting to show my foundation journey....

The first foundation I ever used was actually the Maybelline Dream matte mousse but that has long gone! I can't really remember if it was any good as I wore it when I was around 14/15 and would very carefully apply it over random areas of my face as I was too nervous to actually wear make up! So imagine that mixed with black eye liner all around my eye... mmm pretty thoughts...

Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Make Up - £25 LINK

When I got to 16/17 I began to be really self conscious of my spots and decided I wanted to cover them up. Being at school at the time I only wore make up on the weekends and with the help of my friend I chose this Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Make Up in Fresh Alabaster. This foundation has 0.5% saliclic acid, which is used in acne products so it was very appealing. Overall it was quite pink compared to my skin and has a faint smell of paint which is strange as it says it's fragrance free. I wore this for around a year and repurchased it twice. I would say this is probably for people with really extreme acne as it dried up my skin and didn't benefit my skin! Also this one was purchased in America and is called Acne Solutions the English one is called Anti-Blemish!

Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation - £9.99 LINK

When I began college I didn't wear full face make up, although with it being a fashion college I started to become more immersed into that image conscious industry and following the friends I made, I got more into make up. I popped to Boots with another friend by my side and decided on the Max Factor Lasting Performance in 100 Fair. I had really oily skin at this point and wanted something that would last all day and this boasted that it "resist touching off onto you or your clothes" It also suited my allowance a lot more being under £10! I found it to be a very thick foundation and it was very obvious that I was wearing a layer of foundation, however it didn't break me out so I kept with it. Until when I ran out and Boots didn't have any in stock so I moved onto another product....

Max Factor Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation - £12.99 LINK

So as I said above my earlier foundation had run out and I desperately needed another in fear of letting the world see my bare skin! I decided to stick with the same brand as I trusted them but I upgraded to a foundation in a glass bottle with a very practical pump system. The chosen foundation is the Max Factor Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 foundation in Light Ivory. It says it has a primer, foundation and concealer and I'd say that's probably true! It has a good coverage and staying power. It also doesn't smell of anything which is a huge plus! I still use this today and am very happy with it!

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it insightful. I'd love to know your foundation journey and if we used any of the same products.


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