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Review / Bath and Body Works Twisted Peppermint Hand Cream

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I got this lovely hand cream from my best friend Becky for Christmas. She's currently spending her third year of University studying abroad in the USA. So now not only does America have my best friend and creative cousin, but it also beholds the most magical shop of all; Bath and Body Works.

Sorry to y'll American readers but I'm not a fan of the USA. Sure, I'm a Disney girl through and through and your malls are a pure delight. However the big apple did nothing for me, it's all a bit too big and brash. For a girl who loves Disney World I found the workers in  New York too 'fake' happy and too over the top, so that's saying something. I'm not basing my opinion just on this tourist attraction, I've been to a long list of places including Boston, Washington, Philadelphia, New Jersey and Baltimore, just to name a few. So I feel I have done some solid research and know it's not for me.

However, with this all said America does have some marvellous stores that England are yet to own. Bath and Body Works is just the most amazing place, it's streets ahead of The Body Shop and Lush. The first few times I went to the USA I was obsessed with their travel sized hand sanitizers. After seeing our limited range of non scented gels in Boots, the idea of cleaning my hands with Honolulu Sun was rather enticing. They've actually recently re-branded their packaging and I much prefer the new shape. They have a mahuusive range of products and a ton of scents to choose from, I would happily spend a day in that store... and all my money.

So now I should probably get back to the point of this blog post and tell you a little about this hand cream, as I write this post, it's in their Winter sale so you may be able to buy it still. Otherwise I'm sure it will rock up next Christmas.

So firstly, the packaging is so cute! I've always associated hand creams with older women, yet I think Bath and Body Works have successfully made theirs relatable to a younger audience. To be honest we should all be protecting every part of our skin, so there should be something out there which is a relevant to everyone! I love the cute polar bear and penguin on the front and the different shades of pink. This is a really great size for a hand cream, being 59ml I tend to leave this one in my room rather than taking it out with me. Now, I don't just chuck it into a drawer, anything this pretty deserves to be on display! Plus leaving it out means I actually remember to use it. Due to the pink and frosted trees I don't think that it's too Chrismassy to still be using in January/ February as it hints towards being more wintery than festive.

After you've spent ages admiring the packaging and it's time to moisturise your cold dry hands, you'll be hit with the most delicious scent. Now, I have to say I'd never have picked this up for myself. I am not a fan of strong minty flavours, I stay far away from peppermint hot chocolate, so the idea of rubbing it into my skin was unusual. However, I am so happy that Becky chose this scent as it's amazing! It's definitely a minty scent whilst your rubbing it in, but it doesn't knock you out and clear your synopsis. It's sweet and delicate and smells comforting and relaxing. As it sinks into your skin the scent lightens and it's rather pleasant really.

As a moisturiser I'd say this pretty high up there. It's definitely softened my hands. I apply this around twice a day, I should probably apply it a bit more but I am at University in the day. I'd thoroughly recommend you trying this hand cream out! 

Both Victoria Secret and Bath and Body Works are under the L Brand group, so hopefully Bath and Body Works will follow in the underwear superstores foot steps and make their journey across the pond.


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  1. I can just imagine it smelling so so good!


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