Sunday, 6 December 2015

Review / The ultimate Kylie Jenner Nude - Maybelline Colour Drama

I am really not a lipstick wearer, I've never enjoyed make up which has to be checked and re-applied throughout the day. However since the Kylie Jenner your lips but better nude lip colour trend began, I used this as a perfect way to slowly introduce myself to lipstick. I did my fair share of research and came across the Maybelline  Colour Drama velvet lip pencils.

Maybelline Colour Drama £4.99 LINK

This is a pencil lip product which needs to be sharpened to get more product. It does unfortunately start really small, about the length of my middle finger but I am yet to need to sharpen it. A lot of lip pencil products can be quite drying but this is a velvet lip pencil which definitely makes it more moisturising. It has a slight shine when applied and I prefer to blot that away to create a matte finish. The longevity of the product is around 4 hours and then it does cling to dry patches on my lips and needs to be reapplied.

The colour I chose is 630 Nude Perfection, It's peach with a brown undertone. I'd have never chosen this thinking it would be a nude, I used to pick out the pinky colours to swatch but they never looked natural, now I know to look for colours which look slightly brown.

I hope you like the look of this lip colour and let me know if you have it!


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