Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Lifestyle / Asda George home Christmas tree haul

Yah, it's officially Christmas month so it's now okay to openly get in the Christmas spirit! This is my first year of having a little tree of my own to decorate, I've seen so many beautiful decorations and I get major FOMO and once I clocked a beautiful glittery ballerina ornament, which you'll see below, I knew this was my year to get all Christmassy and enjoy this happy holiday :) Everything in this haul is from Asda and in particular their George home range. They have a really great range of decorations, mainly in silver/white/gold and red but they also have some fun ornaments aimed at children in bright colours some of which are more hand made looking eg the felt animals.

The prices are on most of the products above except the ballerina which was £1 and the tinsel which was £2. I always thought of myself as a tacky, throw on everything and anything on to the Christmas tree kind of girl, but as soon as I found the snow white sparkly ballerina I knew I was going to be all grown up and chic and have a colour theme. As you can see I went for white and silver sparkles and here's how it looks on the tree...

I love how it looks as it makes my room look really festive and makes me smile whilst working at my desk and looking at it on my window. I am really happy with the decorations I chose and I think the silver and white tinsel with the snowflakes hanging off really makes it all come together. I do think my pretty ballerina would like some Nutcracker friends though like these little fellas 'here'. The decorations were so reasonable in Asda making it a great way to make what could be an expensive ritual very economic. Make sure to check out Asdas Christmas range 'here' and let me know your favourite things!

Send me links to your Christmas decorations hauls this year and your trees!


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