Sunday, 27 December 2015

Review / Limited Edition Vaseline Xmas 2015 'Sugar Coated'

You may know that I collect Vaseline tins, So I am always keeping an eye out for the Limited Editions and this Xmas brought this pretty in pink Sugar Coated tin. 

Vaseline Limited Edition Sugar Coated - £2.99 LINK

The tin caught my eye, it's so pretty and looks almost glittery due to the white speckles in the metallic pale pink. The name made me assume that it would have sugar bits and it was a lip scrub rather than a normal Vaseline, or that it would be extra sparkly and have glitter specks inside.

I am rather disappointed with this product, the Vaseline inside is basically the same as the Pink Bubbly limited edition and really similar to their Rosy lips. They definitely could have utilised their name choice a lot more and made this into an exciting product. As I said above the tin is really pretty and I am pleased I have this to add to my collection and as usual it's a good moisturiser but the only thing that makes this product special and unique is the tin. I think it would have been better to design a 2015 Christmas special tin with their original Vaseline inside.

I'd love to know your thoughts on this limited edition Vaseline and I shall get writing about the others in my collection!


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