Friday, 25 December 2015

Lifestyle / Happy Christmas with Coca-Cola

Happy Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful day. I am sure most of you will be too busy to be online today but I am also sure there will be a small percentage taking a little phone break from the family. So I thought I'd schedule this post for you today! When I think of Christmas I think of all the new T.V adverts and in particular the infamous Coca-Cola truck. So when they popped down to my university town, Bournemouth, I was very excited to have a look!

The truck pulled up at the Pier approach and was there from 12pm-8pm and at certain hours there was a live choir carolling. The truck itself has the vintage style drawing of Father Christmas, which is my favourite interpretation of him. There are some lights decorating the truck, but obviously they are more apparent at night.

We got a little snap taken by the Coca-Cola team, which you download with an unique code.

And of course, no Coca-Cola advertisement event would be complete without a free miniature can. I went for the original red can and Tom went for the super unhealthy silver one!

I hope you enjoyed this little festive post and that you're having a wonderful day! 


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