Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Make Up Wishlist / Christmas Gift Ideas

With Christmas nearing I have been busy thinking about what to buy other people and I have to say I've rather awkwardly found a ton of bits I would very much like. So I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone and share my wish list and give you some inspiration for make up gifts to give. 

one - Thebalm Cindy Lou manizer highlighter shadow shimmer £17.49 


two - Thebalm Powder Translucent Sexy Mama £14.99 LINK

three - Toofaced Nude Dude £23.11 LINK

four - Benefit dandelion pink perk me up face powder £23.50 LINK

five - Mac Cosmetics £15.50 'Mehr' LINK

six - Toofaced cocoa contour £28 LINK

seven - Toofaced Candlelight glow duo £21 LINK

eight -  Mac Cosmetics blot powder press £20.50 'light' LINK

As you can tell I am also a sucker for pretty packaging! Is there anything you want too? Or are gifting someone?


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