Friday, 6 November 2015

Review / The £1 dupe for Mac Lipstick Ruby Woo

I am so excited to let you all into this little secret and cheeky beauty find. If you head back a few posts ago you'll come across my Halloween make up and costume post and it featured this bad boy. This lip liner which has no name so we shall call it red, rather unimaginative I know, was a Primark purchase. I had no intention of finding a fabulous colour nor a dupe for a Mac lipstick, it was more of a rushed purchase because I needed a red lip product to be a Halloween Sailor. Little did I know how wonderful this product was until I swatched it later at home.

The products packaging is very sleek, the entire outside of the pencil is black with a red lid and bottom making it easy to pick out of your make up collection without having to open the lid and check the colour. Although the bottom twists around (must be faulty) this is a pencil which needs to be sharpened to get more product, which isn't my favourite type of lip liner.

Primark Red Lip Liner - £1 
Mac Ruby Woo £15.50 link

The consistency is really creamy, it applies really smoothly and is moisturising on the lips, unlike a lot of lip liners which can dry your lips and sink into dry patches. I had to re-apply a couple of times during the night out for Halloween and made sure to only drink from straws so I didn't leave those horrible lip marks on the side of cups. The colour is amazingly bright and cheerful and suited my pale skin. The staying power wasn't fantastic but to be honest it didn't differ from many drug store products.

So if you're on the look out for a red or have the Mac Ruby Woo on your wishlist I'd definitely recommend this lip liner and it will save you a whopping £14.50!



  1. This looks amazing, I haven't tried any of the Primark lipliners yet but definitely need to :)

    Claire | | xx

  2. Hard to believe this is from Primark. I've never tried any of the makeup from them before but I'll certainly look into picking a few bits up next time I'm in a Primark store xx

    Kate | A British Sparkle


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