Wednesday, 11 November 2015

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I am well into my third year at university now and it's come to my first deadline which means I now have the luxury of a couple of weeks to relax whilst my works being assessed. This also now means I had time to tidy my room up a bit so I could take a few snaps for you. Room tours are my favourite post to read and I've seen a lot of freshers uploading their university rooms recently. Last year I did a post when I left for the Summer but this year I thought I'd mix it up a bit and write this now! Compared to last year my new room is very modern and every room in my building has the same furniture and are very similar sizes, last year (check it out here) the rooms were all very mix and matchy, with different shaped rooms and as my mummy would say 'they had more character'.  So let's get into this.....

Bedding - Wilkos
Unicorns - Card Factory
Cushion - Card Factory

The furniture was all supplied, by the look of them they are Ikea purchases. I love the white wardrobe, drawers and desk, definitely things I'd purchase myself. I am not a huge fan of the bed with the metal frame as if I am not walking into it and bruising myself, I'm waking myself up in the night from hitting it with my toes.

Plastic Drawers - Hobby Craft

I have my very handy plastic drawers again which holds all my random bits and bobs such as stationery, letter writing/ sketch booking things, sewing tools, threads etc

Acrylic make up storage - Muji
Brush holder - Rymans

I love my desk this year it's really big so I can fit my uni work and make up on, I am yet to get a mirror. If you'd like to see more detail about my university make up collection so far check out this post here.

Finally I also have my wonderful dress making mannequin which is super handy to put my work on when hand sewing and makes a lovely hat stand. I have got quite a few pictures around me room, I'd like some more but haven't printed the ones from my family holiday this Summer yet.

So there you are, a little sneaky peaky into my university room! I hope you like it and have some inspiration for yours!


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