Sunday, 29 November 2015

Lifestyle / Christmas Stocking for boys

Tom and I decided to make Christmas stockings for each other and we kept to two main stores,Primark and PoundLand. It was so much fun choosing the bag and all the gifts inside and seeing as we had an early Christmas at University I thought you may be interested in seeing what I bought him as a lot of posts are centred around girls stocking fillers.

Striped T-Shirts / Marvel Lounge /- Primark
Teddy Bear /  Candle / Beard & Moustache grooming set / Bubbly / Star Wars selection box - PoundLand
Toy Story Wood Keychain / Craft Market
'Tom' Minion tin / The Range

A short but sweet post but I hope it gave you a few ideas for what to buy your boyfriend/brother/friend for Christmas.


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