Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Lifestyle / Stocking Filler Gift Idea

It's definitely time to start thinking about Christmas gifts and stocking fillers and along with a lot of other bloggers I thought I'd share a few ideas of my own. I hope you find this inspirational and get a few ideas for your friends and family.

 Ciate Mini Mani Month - TKMAXX £20

Advent Calenders are becoming more incredible every year, I really think they are now a gift in themselves! So although they are meant as a count down maybe a very special one could be popped in your stocking or be made into an early Christmas gift. 

For younger girls I found this beyond gorgeous Nutcracker Ballet charm bracelet advent calender which you can get HERE. For teenagers I'd really recommend the nail varnish advent calenders, I got my Ciate one in TKMAXX for £20 reduced from £50, check out this years one HERE. Finally for a lady of all ages I think Marks and Spencer have put all other make up calenders to shame, they are now sold out online but check out this list HERE to see what stores may still have one.

 Frozen Shampoo and Conditioner - Pound Land £1
Olaf Sponge - Pound Land £1

Stockings are a great place to pop practical but fun gifts and I love this Frozen shampoo and Conditioner and Olaf sponge. They are such happy things to receive and are two things which are obviously needed making them particularly handy gifts. I actually just received these in my early stocking and am loving using them, they definitely make me smile :)

 Mad about Costume and Fashion - Pound Land £1

Make the stocking personal by popping something in which relates to what they do/love. It's also a great opportunity to bring out the big kid inside of them! I love this series of mini ladybird books which have a great range of things you could be 'Mad About'. The Mr Men books are also a really great shout.

W7 In the Buff Natural - £4.99 Discounted on Fragrance Direct LINK

I love receiving make up as a gift. A great one to pop into a stocking is the W7 In the Buff Natural Nude palette, check out my review HERE. It's a purse friendly option and is also of a fabulous quality with a great range of easy to wear gold/bronze and brown shades.

 Le Creuset - 0.35L - £14 Link
Le Creuset - 100ml - £11 Link

Who doesn't appreciate a pretty mug?! My favourite make is definitely Le Creuset, they have a huge array of colours to match who the gift is for. As you can see I am a pink girl through and through! They do now have the prettiest cool mint colour which is ever so dreamy.

Last but not least a single edition of a magazine or a subscription to a magazine makes a wonderful gift. My favourite editions of magazines are the Christmas ones, especially Vogue, it feels like a really special thing to keep and plus it keeps me entertained over Christmas!

I hope you enjoyed this stocking filler guide and have some inspiration for any stocking/ secret santas you're doing this year. I'd just recommend checking out TKMAXX and the Pound Land as you can find some great things without having to break the bank!


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