Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Collective Haul

So if you haven't seen my recent post about my Windsor outing, go and check it out quickly before reading this, as this is a follow up with a little collective haul from what I bought on the day. This Summer I've been very well behaved with not spending a lot as I am desperately trying to save money and not fritter it. Every now and then it is nice to treat yourself though or even better, to be treated, so let's get started!

From TKMaxx I got the  Real Techniques Eye shadow brushes reduced to £14.99, they were originally in the correct packaging but out of excitement I got rid of that very quickly. I also got the W7 In The Buff Natural Nudes eyeshadow palette which was reduced to £5.00. Expect a review of the palette soon for sure!

Taking pretty pictures of clothes for hauls is actually really tricky, so decided this was the best way.... Let me know what you think! So also from TKMaxx I got these tartan print cigarette style trousers which are originally from Boden reduced to £24.99 from £89.00. Boden definitely isn't a store or website I'd automatically look at, which is a another reason I love TKMaxx as it introduces me to brands.

I haven't got new books for ages and was in need of some reading material for the holiday which I've already been on now. Firstly from The Works I bought Love, Lies and Lizzie by Rosie Rushton for £1.99 which is a modern twist on Jane Austens Pride and Prejudice. Then from a charity shop I got Jane and Prudence by Barbara Pym which again hints to be a Jane Austen spin off and Straight Talking by Jane Green which I'm giving to my mummy after reading.Those two books were only £1 each, so very happy with that! I really love buying books and reading so always happy to receive chick lits.

I hope you enjoyed this small collective haul, I haven't done one for ages and quite enjoyed looking at the bits I bought!


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