Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Review / Pampering with Freeman face & feet masks*

I recently was sent this wonderful parcel of face, feet scrub and a body milk and have been happily trying them out in order to write a mini review of each of them for you. I only recently heard of FreemanBeauty and I was rather intrigued by their feet scrubs and decided to also have a look at their other products. 

So before I get started on how I found each of these products here's the 411 on my skin. I have oily, sensitive skin which is prone to blemishes and redness and unfortunately tends to be a little dull if I don't treat it well.

Diamond Mineral Rinse Mask £1-£3* LINK

The promise of this one sparkling whilst it was on my skin definitely made it jump to the top of the list of things for me to try. I also really like the neutral colours for the packaging as it's a lot more calming and trustworthy for a skincare product. I love how this seems to work as a soft exfoliant too, with little beads inside which lightly scrub the top layer of your skin, cleaning your pours whilst having the benefit of the relaxation a face mask gives. It has barely no scent, which I also really like. With my love for glitter I was kind of hoping to turn into a magical sparkling Unicorn but it was a lot more subtle than that, which is good for most people! I felt this really helped my blemish prone skin and just cleared my skin making it look happier and fresh.

Pomegranate Revealing Peel-Off Mask £1-£3* LINK

I was very surprised by the consistency of this face mask, its a see through gel, and I was a tad nervous to put this on my face. The smell also wasn't to my liking but it promised to refine my face and clear my pours. So I put a thin layer over my face and it felt a bit like PVA glue, then waited for it to dry before peeling it off. I can't say it worked that well for me unfortunately.

Facial Hydration Mask Goji Berry £1-£3*

This mask sounded promising with the hope of some hydration! The consistency was more like a light cream/gel rather than the PVA glue texture so already it was in my good books. The scent is almost like grape juice but a lot fresher. It's quite a sticky texture for rubbing into your skin, so definitely something to put on whilst in the bath. I did find this mask to give my skin a burst of energy and look brighter and less dry around the T-Zone.

Bare Foot Lemon and Sage Foot Scrub £1-£3* LINK

I am going on holiday soon and really wanted to have lovely smooth feet for this and have been trying all sorts of scrubs on my feet and moisturisers. I haven't actually tried a scrub which is aimed at feet so was extremely excited to give this a go. This scrub contains volcanic rock which is obviously a much stronger scrub then you'd use anywhere else on your body. The Tea Tree Oil, Lemon and Sage help to soften your feet and relax them. The scrub definitely feels rougher but it's a perfect match for hard skin on your feet. The scent isn't to my taste, but as it's on my feet and far away from my nose I happily used the entire packet. It really does make a different by getting rid of all the hard and dead skin and leaving them soft and fresh. Definitely apply a moisturiser after to get the full benefits.

Milk Bath & Shower Cleanser - £6.50* LINK

Last but not least I was sent a Milk bath and shower cleanser, and I did have to laugh seeing as I am dairy free this is the first lot of milk my body would have had contact with in months. I also wondered if it would bring me out in a rash. So I tried this out on my hand just so I could give you a very mini first impressions review. This has the most beautiful scent, really calming and relaxing and has a soft light lotion consistency. It definitely has soften my hands so seems to do its job!

Freemanbeauty have a huge amount of different feet, body and face products so definitely go and check their website out HERE to see what will suit your skin type. Let me know what you decide to try out. I have a special discount code for you to get 20% off your order which is VIP20.

I hope you enjoyed this post!


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