Wednesday, 2 September 2015

August Favourites / It's time to get organised

Hello, welcome back to my second favourites post! I was really excited to do this post for you this time round. It's a really fun and relaxed post to do and it's nice to give some recognition to things that make you happy! So with no further ado, lets get into this...

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara  £17.50 here - I got this mascara for my 20th Birthday in the Naked On The Run palette and it's my new favourite mascara. It actually creates a rather natural look even though it's advertised as giving high voltage drama, which is fab for what I like but bad for trusting the brands descriptions.

MaxFactor Mastertouch concealer £8.99 here - I actually only use concealer under my eyes, not over blemishes. Mainly due to the fact that I am most definitely not a make up artist and don't know the official way to cover up spots and feel I'll just make them more obvious. So I just settle for a wash of foundation over my face to take away the redness. Anyway, back to the product in hand. This concealer is recommended to put on after foundation if using to brighten/highlight and I apply a small amount on the dark shadows under my eyes and blend in with a small pointed foundation brush by Real Technique.

Pink Clips - I can't find these exact ones online but I know a number of places such as Forever 21, Primarks and Boots sell them in packs in different colours. I actually have managed to loose all mine but these two and I treasure them. I use them to clip my hair back to wash my face, do my make up and section my hair to straighten/curl etc. They are incredibly handy must haves, I'd even go as far as saying necessity's....  Yeh I went there... Things just got serious.

Filofax - I was very lucky to receive this Filofax from my brother for my 16th Birthday so 4 years ago. I personally wouldn't go for pink nowadays, but at the time I loved it and this was part of their Breast Cancer collection which is obviously a fantastic charity. I believe for the Xmas after he also bought the matching pen, cause I'm fancy and he knows it. I actually haven't used it for the past two years but this year I've got back into being organised and I really enjoy writing my arrangements down and decorating it with doodles and stickers. It is a fab investment as you just buy a calender to slip in every year so never have to buy the actual filofax again. I'd definitely recommend you getting one! They no longer sell this exact one but an updated one for £30 Link.

I hope you enjoyed my August favourites, roll on September...



  1. I recently tried Perversion and was disappointed with it because like you say, it's nowhere near as dramatic as advertised! Glad that it works for you though :)

    Claire | | xx

    1. Yes, it's definitely not dramatic at all hahah but i like natural lashes :) Have you tried Benefit ' Theyre Real thats great for big lashes

  2. I've just dug out my filofaxes to use at the moment, they are handy if not a little heavy to carry around.

    Victoria x

    1. mm yes not for a small hanbag, although there a few sizes to check out. I have the smallest which is pocket size and in a normal sized shoulder bag/tote its fine :)


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